the horrible details of the breaking of Dakota and Sokolovsky have been revealed :: Business show :: Dnev.ru

the horrible details of the breaking of Dakota and Sokolovsky have been revealed :: Business show :: Dnev.ru

Sister Rita of Dakota Anna Chupris confirmed the information about the separation of the singer and her husband Vlad Sokolovsky. He also shared the details on how beauty has learned about the unfaithfulness of the loved one.

The news about the divorce of Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky were so unexpected for the numerous admirers of the singer that until they refused to believe in the collapse of one of the most beautiful couples in the domestic show. Even after the singer herself wrote about her husband's rupture and constant changes, some still had hope that it was a robbery or a doubtful PR attempt.

Sister Rita Dakota Anna Chupris, however, confirmed the terrible fears. "To avoid speculation on whether it is hacking or PR – alas, it is true (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors are saved." – Ed.), "He wrote in the comments under the post of the singer.

"I'm Rita's sister and I saw this test with betrayal with my own eyes, otherwise I would not have even believed …", he added. "We with the girls with Rita every single day and the pain that our strong wise girl lives is unbearable for all those who love her", confessed his sister.

He talked about how much Rita Dakota suffered from her lover's unfaithfulness. "The night he learned it, he was suffering from pain … and we will never forgive him for that, God is his judge," concluded Chupris.

Meanwhile, on her Instagram page, Rita Dakota's sister published a picture of the joint rest, during which the singer, apparently, learned the terrible truth about her husband. "With you," he snapped laconically.

Recall, Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky played a wedding on June 3, 2015. The ceremony that took place on the shore of Khimki reservoir was very lush. The celebrities did not save money for the wedding. In October 2017, Rita and Vlad became parents. They had a Mia daughter.

Already August 11th in the media there was information on the separation of the stellar pair. Later these data were confirmed by Rita Dakota herself. On his Instagram page, he confirmed the divorce. "I left my husband as soon as I heard of his double life." It turned out that Vlad betrayed me during all our relationships, betraying me when we got married and we got married, changed when I was pregnant, changed from the early days of Mia's life, changed until the moment I discovered it ", the singer shared his pain with the subscribers.