The leak of a new image of the BBC anchor more horrible with Khaled Youssef

A photo of the Egyptian-Tunisian broadcaster Rana Huwaidi was leaked during her practice of the sexual show, completely naked and dancing to the Egyptian director Khalid Youssef.

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Today another image of Rana is more horrifying than the previous one.

We learned that attorney Mona Ghadhban had leaked the sexual video he had collected with Khaled Yousef through private conversations we had between them on Messenger on Facebook.

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Although Muna leaked to her from the pornographic video, who was the one who leaked images of Rana Huwidi to the media, while the photos from each of the representatives Mona Farouk and Shaimaa Haj and dancer Camelia did not publish a photo of them with Khalid Yusuf after removing the videos that they collected with Khaled Youssef. The bedroom?

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Rana Howeidi was admitted in the investigation that she was married to a friend of Khalid Youssef, who promised her role as an absolute star in one of her films and that she was surprised by the leakage of sexual video between them, and we do not know the validity of Rana's words she told the Egyptian broadcaster in the name of Yusuf:

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Rana Howeidi and a more horrible photo with Khaled Youssef


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