The Luxor Festival of African Cinema announces the honor of Tunisian cinema

The Festival of Luxor Cinema, during a press conference in the margins of the Carthaginian Film Festival during its 29th session, announced the honor of Tunisian cinema in its eighth session in March 2019. The festival was attended by Siniora & # 39; s director Sayed Fouad , director Azza Al Husseini, Journalists, media and satellite channels.

"The choice and honor of Tunisian cinema is a worthy tribute to a serious film, but also to an important festival such as the Carthage Film Festival.

The film will be screened in French and Arabic by dr. Tariq Ben Shaban. The National Center for Cinema and Photography will participate in the screening of the most important films that represent Tunisian cinema in the course of its history. An exhibition of 20 films for the most important films and films in Tunisian cinema and five films will be held in a special part in honor of Tunisian cinema during the eighth session of the Luxor festival of African cinema, in the presence of a large delegation of Tunisian filmmakers, including the Carthage Film Festival Product Najib Ayad general manager of the Carthago Cinema Days and Dr. Lamia Qiqh artistic director of the festival and also directors of the five films that will be presented in cooperation with the National Film Center and the image in the Luxor Festival of African Cinema.

Director of the festival, Azza al-Husseini, said: "There will be a grand symposium on Tunisian cinema. The festival will publish a special edition of his publications on the renaissance of this industry, as well as the participation of Tunisian films in all competitions. and invite the makers to participate in the events.

Dr. Tariq Ben Shaaban also spoke about the details of the book he is going to give about Tunisian cinema, he emphasized that Tunisian cinema does not understand one book, so he will concentrate on the last stages of his history. He praised the Luxor festival of African cinema and the importance of his role at festivals in connection with African cinema.

The director asked about the reasons why the Tunisian film was not distributed in Egypt and demanded the translation of the films because the Tunisian dialect is not understood by many Egyptians, but the screenwriter Seyyed Fuad objected to this and said that getting used to the Tunisian dialect is the solution for understanding and understanding. Tunisian film outside Tunisia because it deserves more dissemination.

A meeting was held between the Luxor Festival of African Cinema and the National Center for Cinema and Photography in the presence of the director. Shiraz Al-Atiri and Dr. Tarek Ben Shaaban to discuss all details of this honor. It is expected that a protocol of cooperation between the Luxor Festival of African Cinema and the Center will be signed as the national authority. Will represent Tunisian cinema next month.

The eighth session of the Luxor Film Festival, organized by the Young Artists Association, takes place from 15 to 21 March 2019, under the auspices of the Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs and with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, Youth and Sport, dmc , Syndicate of Cinematography and the National Bank of Egypt.