The model dies suddenly, only a few months after Mommy has lost the battle for cancer

A 21-year-old top model died only a few months after she lost her mother to cancer.

Mairead O & # 39; Neill graduated from college in August and had the world at her feet, according to heartbroken friends.

But the talented model died on Monday night, a few hours after she uploaded videos on Instagram, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and let her enjoy a night out with friends.

She saw shots in a bar and danced with her friends in clips she placed on her 8,700 followers to see.

The model, which was also known as Mairead Leigha, wrote & # 39; maybe this weekend on & # 39; and asked her followers to & # 39; yeah & # 39; or & # 39; no & # 39; to vote if they thought boys & # 39; d-s & # 39; goods.

O & # 39; Neill had wept about the loss of her mother Karean Pelan who died 10 months ago after a battle with colon cancer.

She had posted a series of heartbreaking messages after her mother's loss, with the words: & # 39; First Mother's Day without you. Jesus, I miss you. & # 39;

Model agent Boss Cathy Martin today paid tribute to talented O & # 39; Neill and said that she stood for her model from her teens.

She told Belfast Live: "Mairead was a smart, dear and very smart young lady who was beautiful."

"She was modeling for me about six years and doing very well, she had many strengths and had a Kardashian look that people loved."

& # 39; But the most charming thing about her was that she really had no idea she had the world at her feet. & # 39;

Martin added: "It is so shocking to hear that Mairead has died."

"We do not know exactly what happened, but she had a hard time after the death of her mother against colon cancer.

"She had a lot of support, but her heart was broken, and it's so sad to think she's gone now."

O & # 39; Neill recently worked at the Belfast Fashion Week.

A number of people have gone to social media to send their condolences to O & # 39; Neill & # 39; s family.

One person reacted to a picture: "A beautiful person, disappeared too quickly, REST IN PEACE."

Another added: "RIP beautiful There are no words that can describe how much confusion this entails You have left this world far too young Many love for you."

Other friends described her as an angel & # 39; while others said that they are the "brightest star in the sky" & # 39; used to be.

A Northern Ireland police spokesman said: "The police attended on Monday, October 15, the scene of a sudden death of a woman in southern Belfast."

"Death is not treated as suspicious."