The official trailer for the eighth season of Game of thrones .. Video and photo's

Network revealed Hbo The first official trailer for the eighth and last season of the historic series Game of thrones, Scheduled for April 14 via the network.

The two-minute vibrator shows many scenes in the Castle of Winterville with all the characters from the series, who are preparing for the Great War with the Army of the Dead.


The seventh season ended with Jimi coming away from Sercy after his rebellion and his march north to fight in the ranks of the Stark and Tigrean armies in front of the armies of the dead. On the other hand, relations between Sercy and Tyrion were again blocked by cameras in Mashhad to convince her to announce her alliance, which next season will reveal her details, paving the way for the theory and prophecy of hate "Sircy and Teryon" to reach each other.


Is called the series Game Of Thrones Started in 2011, and is one of the most famous series of science fiction dramas, and has been a great success since the start of his presentation on the network. "HBO"The American, as nominated and received many prizes, tells the epic story of the seven kingdoms struggling on the throne, has been adapted from the series" Song of Ice and Fire "by the author George AR Martin, and starring a major number of stars, namely Emilia Clarke, Kate Harrington, Lina Hedy, Nicolaj Coster, Aldwa, Peter Dankling, Sophie Turner, Macy Williams.











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