The Oscars are shedding their own serious news

The Oscars are shedding their own serious news

The Oscars are also subject to quota printing. However, the introduction of a category for popular films and the three-hour limitation of duration are not a good omen.

$ 195 million – this is the youngest Oscar Prize recorded for the best film in the world. Shape of Water, the wet dream of romantic aquatic humanoids, stands out from the conventional Oscar commodity. However, popularity can not be denied to him, as is the competition for Get Out or Dunkirk. What, then, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced with her Introduction of an Oscar for special results in the popular film? It is the first new category from the animation film Oscar 2001 and its version has already become more preventive for observers Serious speeches at the Academy Awards bedridden. Further changes will influence the award in the coming years. So the duration of the event must be reduced to three hours and from 2020 follows with a previous date a serious cut during the Oscar season and the operation of the film festival. While the reduction of the annoying season of the Awards can be welcomed, the other decisions testify the fundamental ambiguities of the Academy. One is the question of what makes the Oscars an entertainment show in reality – the other even the Hollywood self-image.

The unofficial "Oscar Disney"?

Another figure: 26.5 million American viewers have watched Shape of Water this year Oscar for the best film collected. It was the worst vote in the history of the television broadcast of the award. In fact, the launch of the new category of an Oscar "Popular Movies" in 2019 escapes a jubilee. Because before the awards ceremony in 2010, the number of candidates for the best film from five to ten has been extended. This was read as an attempt to turn successful viewers into Oscar viewers. Critics and favorite viewers like The Dark Knight should no longer be ignored. The odds actually have increased in this year by Avatar vs. Hurt-Locker, but since 2014 there has been a steady decline that the Academy now wants to neutralize. The press was created by ABC station, which will show the prize at least until 2028. A Variety report states that ABC has proposed changes, including the shorter term, the previous date and a category for the "Best Blockbuster". Because during the prizes generally with fall rates fight, the decline in the Oscar is relatively drastic.

"Blockbuster" is not in the title of the new category, but what is meant by "popular" other? The criteria for the "popular" stamp are still unknown, but the way it hardly passes in front of the American box office. The strategy is transparent. Smaller films like Moonlight, but also medium-sized films like Shape of Water often start at the box office after their victory at the Oscars. The "blockbuster" category will ensure that a large-scale film is awarded on the evening of the prize, unless the prizes in the technical categories, the camera or the direction are considered quite prominent. Imagine a pre-selection of the most successful films at the US box office, from which members of the Academy choose the best of popular films. From last year, The Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Wonder Woman, Jumanji 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in question, depending on how the Christmas season is run . Because ABC is a subsidiary of the Disney Group and three of the five most successful films in the US market in 2017 come from Disney, lies I suspect an unofficial Disney Oscar close. This year, Black Panther is considered the blockbuster that could earn nominations in the major categories at the Oscars. Oscar's popularity may have put him out of the way thanks to the introduction of a two-k company (l) assen in the way. Why nominate for the right Oscar when he gets the equivalent of a respectable MTV Movie Award?

Ernst and entertainment are again separated at the Oscars

Apart from what is worth a price, which mainly rewards cash (to the Oscars so far is secondary), the classification of "popular film achievements" is an indirect judgment of everything that does not belong.

The introduction of a category for popular films bears witness to a crisis in the sector. What promises Hollywood with its (remaining) studies, if not the utopia of a popular entertainment that is also art? In the Oscars – born in the silent film to be released – we celebrate this fusion between art and commerce, film E and U. The Oscar for best film has already been projected by subtitles and documentaries. It does not decide a tiny jury, but thousands of representatives of industry. What is the Oscar, if not the expression of a mass taste?

The unofficial blockbuster Oscar now seems a recognition of the imbalance of a sector that barely makes room for medium and small productions among its ultra modern "sticks" (those successful films that have taken the studio's accounting into account) . The leader of the Disney shopping industry is revolutionary for this approach. In other words, the Oscars are one of the few remaining bastions in which the franchise of the film business is banned on the outskirts of the Best Tonschnitt. Exceptions such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Mad Max: Fury Road confirm the rule. Once almost every affection by tradition and idealism remains in terms of "Oscar popularity" yet to record one thing: How the popularity of a Netflix movie is measured or are these precluded by an obsolete fixation at the box office?

The Oscars are boring without the excess

The most far-reaching consequences will probably be the decision to hold the Oscars at the beginning of February from 2020 onwards. This concerns both Sundance, which takes place in January, and the Berlinale in simultaneous execution and the planning of the BAFTA Awards and other prizes. Here is the most radical change for the Oscar season to hide, which is best collected, at worst it starts just before.

If the decreasing public will turn on due to a new category or another appointment it could be questioned. That's why the reduction in live transmission is probably in the same notch. It will only take three hours to air, all the prizes will be presented, but we will see a summary of the less important ones. The excess will be stopped, while it is at the base of chaos and coincidence, for surprises that go beyond the question of winners. Let's be honest: the best films of the year are usually excluded from the Oscars. Much more important for the entertainment of the show are slips, tramps, confusion, embarrassment, the unexpected touch, only the emotional changes that deserves the winner of the short film Best Action Live, as well as the producer of the best film. Not least because the former are often less lucid than their colleagues trained by Junket. Anyone who wants a regulated boredom in his awards shows can still watch the Lolas.

What do you say about the changes in the Academy?


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