The owner of the Dagestani football club named Timati and Yegor Creed "gay"

At the beginning of September, Yegor Creed canceled a concert in Makhachkala due to threats. which was sent to him by some users from Dagestan. Later it turned out. that 29-year-old soldier of mixed martial arts Habib Nurmagomedov supports internet prosecution.

Timothy. owner of the Black Star label. including Yegor. published a video message to Habib. He insured himself in that. that Black Star respects the Caucasian traditions. and proposed peacefully to agree on ending the conflict. Nurmagomedov responded with an emotional post. "Every creature will answer for his words. only I do not belong to you, "he said Timati responded by recalling. that the hunter himself halfway enter the arena and fights for money – this also contradicts religion. as well as performances by artists.

The dispute generated great resonance. Many try to reconcile Nurmagomedova and Timati. Ramzan Kadyrov. 41-year-old president of the Chechen Republic. called them to live together & # 39 ;. Victoria Bonya believes. that the parties must respect each other with respect.

Another inhabitant of Dagestan appeared in the conflict. who believes. that rappers do not belong in the republic. Osman Kadiev. owner of the football club Dagestan "Anji, "took the side of Nurmagomedov, according to Kadiev. That. who likes "look half-naked people ", must go to Moscow. and do not wait for a speech in his hometown.

In a conversation with "Match TV", Kadiev accused Yegor and other rap artists of homosexuality and partner expansions. "We have. to whom to listen and who to listen to. We have a different culture. we do not welcome people of non-traditional orientation. <> No one is allowed to give concerts. but Habib vs.. that an extraterrestrial culture is planted in the region. We do not like naked people on stage, "he said.

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