The pregnant star "Doma-2" continues to compromise Serov

The pregnant star "Doma-2" continues to compromise Serov

In the picture: the former participant in the show "Dom-2" Daria Friends, who arrived at the hospital after filming the program "Andrey Malakhov.

Give friends Some time ago he told the shooting of the program "Andrey Malakhov Live", which was raped by a famous singer Alexander Serov. The ether ended up in a fight, the Friends were hospitalized.

In her official page on the social network Instagram, the girl has posted a video message. For the record, the girl lies on the hospital bed and cries, telling her of her condition. Daria said the doctors diagnosed her concussion, in addition to the bruises of the hip and legs. In addition, the reality show star complained about post-traumatic stress disorder and panic attacks as a result of it.

He said that the musician's guards are still following her, overseeing the entrance. For this reason, he is afraid even to go home for things. According to the model, in addition to threats, she was even offered money for silence.

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