The queen was against the divorced Meghan who wore veils

What Queen Elizabeth II (92) actually thinks of her new granddaughter, Duchess Meghan (37) is probably her secret forever. Sometimes she should be very positive about her, then again she should open Meghan's easy handling of the rules of real fashion. Now an insider revealed another detail about the relationship between the wife of the Queen and Prince Harry (34): So it is said that the monarch was very surprised by the fact that Meghan wanted to wear a veil at her wedding – after all, it was already the second marriage of the former actress!

For example, in 2011, Meghan had given her boyfriend Trevor Engelson (42) the word of honor – two years later, the couple divorced again. The dream of a meter on the head of Meghan's head is told to the Queen, according to a report by Ok! online So initially a thorn in the eye was – because traditionally only unmarried women first wore similar hats in front of the altar: "The Queen I wondered why Meghan needed a veil for her marriage because it was her second marriage? ", a member of the British royal family chatted.

It is said that the 92 year-old has warned his nephew Harry even before the former actress. Even the tiara that Meghan had chosen for the wedding ceremony should not have pleased the Queen. "He said," Meghan can not just have everything she wants, get the diadem I give you ", the informer continued.

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Duchess Meghan and Queen Elizabeth II.
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Duchess Meghan and Queen Elizabeth II, June 2018
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Queen Elizabeth II, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry, July 2018

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