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He served as ambassador for raccoons all over the world and was not phased followed by a walk over the red carpet as Rocket Raccoon from protectors of the universe but now the heartrending news has come that Oreo, the raccoon, has died.

Oreo was the real inspiration behind Guardians of the Galaxy & # 39; s Rocket Raccoon that was voiced by Bradley Cooper. Oreo helped the animators to record the movements and behavior of Rocket Raccoon.

Quinta Layla, the group in Portugal that Oreo took care of, posted the news on Facebook yesterday:

Oreo appeared in 2014 as a red carpet when he walked down with the red carpet GOTG director James Gunn.

According to Movie Web, Oreo trainers could get him when he was born, because his mother could not produce milk.

They chose Oreo from the nest because he was able to drink from a bottle for his brothers and sisters. Since then, he was a loyal companion and he brought a lot of love and joy into the lives of others.

James Gunn attended the premiere of Guardians Of The Galaxy at the Empire London cinema with Oreo. Credit: PA
James Gunn attended the premiere of Guardians Of The Galaxy at the Empire London cinema with Oreo. Credit: PA

The Wrap reported that Rocket Raccoon was first made by Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen for Marvel Preview in 1976. His name was inspired by the song & # 39; Rocky Raccoon & # 39; from 1968 of the Beatles.

He then appeared in the re-launch of the superhero team in 2008 protectors of the universe and appeared alongside in the 2014 film, as well as the follow-up of 2017 and Avengers: Infinity War. He will then be seen Avengers: endgame.

Tributes come in on social media with one fan saying: "This is the most heartbreaking thing I've read in a long time." Oreo was an incredible personality, and you have to be proud every time you think of him, for the house. you gave him, the love he received and the experiences he gave everyone who came close to him.

"He will never be forgotten in the hearts of my family, for the memories he, you and your whole team have given us."

Another addition: "Rip Oreo: Your memory will continue to live in thousands of astonished children and adults."

A third commented: "What a great animal and the legacy he left behind is unreal, never a raccoon could have wanted a better life! Thoughts are with you, run, play food and love over the rainbow bridge".

RIP Oreo, you were a special little fellow.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook / Quinta Layla / Marvel Studios


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