The reactions to the death of the queen of the soul are multiplying

The reactions to the death of the queen of the soul are multiplying

Aretha Franklin at the Palais des Sports in Paris, 28 November 1977. – FRILET / SIPA

She was the queen of the soul and deserved her nickname. Aretha Franklin died Thursday at the age of 76 after having marked generations of music lovers, crying
Barack Obama on the day of his inauguration of the US presidency and created other emotions … His death therefore caused many reactions, relatives and fans.

"We can not find the words to express our sorrow, we have lost our matriarch and the pillar of our family, we reacted in a statement close to the singer, who had called his fans to pray for her. for Aretha and we are comforted by the idea that his work will continue. "

"He was one of my favorite pianists"

Former US president Barack Obama paid tribute to the "divine" Aretha Franklin. "In his voice, we could read our story, in its entirety and in all its nuances: our power and our pains, our dark side and our light, our search for redemption and the respect won with difficulty" , commented the previous democratic president.

On Twitter, singer Diana Ross prays for "the wonderful spirit of gold of Aretha Franklin".

"The loss of Aretha Franklin is a blow to all those who love true music: the music of the heart, the soul and the church, her voice was unique, her piano was underrated, she was one of my favorite pianists ", writes Elton John on Twitter. He continues: "I had the chance to spend time with her and watch her last performance, she was obviously bad, and I was not sure if she could play, but she is overwhelmed."

"Long life to the Queen"

"He sang and played beautifully, and we all cried," recalls the British singer. We were dating the greatest soul artist of all time. I loved him and loved his talent. God bless you. My condolences to all his family and friends. We shared the same birthday – and that meant a lot to me. We will miss the world, but we will always be satisfied with its extraordinary heritage. The queen is dead. Long life to the Queen. The singer John Legend, for his part, has taken a simpler yet equally intense tweet: "Hello to the Queen, the greatest singer I've met."

In France, the singer Line Renaud, who had met her when she lived in the United States, has also made it a vibrant tribute. "In the 60s, while I was living in America, I discovered Aretha Franklin's incredible voice," he says. He was a great artist who gave a particular dimension to jazz, blues and especially to the soul. Bravo and "Respect".