The scenes of the divorce of Nahed Al - Sibai on the evening of her marriage

It is still unclear what happened on the night of the wedding of artist Nahed Sibai by businessman Mohammed Abed Rabbo, and he asked several questions about the fact of their divorce officially, especially that the artist had completely closed her telephone for the real reason not or almost impossible to explain after the cancellation of the wedding.

I called Marwa Sabri, the artist Nahed Sibai, to clarify the truth about what happened on her canceled wedding day.

She asked Sabri al-Sibai to open her cell phone to check her and explain why her marriage was canceled after family members of the groom confirmed the divorce after the failure of the reconciliation session.

Sabri added that she got dozens of contacts from art stars and media people to make a public appeal to Nahed al-Sibai after her mother-in-law Nahed Farid Shawqi had completely closed her cell phone. The leaks confirmed a quarrel that developed until the groom gave the right to divorce.

For his part, the businessman denied Mohammed Abed Rabbo, the frequency of news during the last period about his official divorce from Nahed Al-Sibai after the cancellation of their marriage suddenly before his hours in Ain Sukhna.

Mohammed Abed Rabbo confirmed on his Facebook page that the rumors about the cancellation were incorrect and he wrote: "Friends and family, we apologize all of us." The wedding was postponed due to emergency situations. "