The story of the widower Faten Hamama Famous doctor .. and a faithful husband … and a lover of the core (profile)

The story of the widower Faten Hamama Famous doctor .. and a faithful husband … and a lover of the core (profile)

I sincerely love the Arabic screen and I have been an example The lover loved by Faten Hamama was the secret
The two secret secret successes of their marriage relationship lasted for about 40 years.

settle for Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab Professor of Radiology Al-Qasr Al-Aini Medical School, Who has just died After suffering
Some diseases of aging,
In silence and tears it was sad to part with his love, who lived with her the love story of Khaleda.

It did not happen that the late artist Faten Hamama, The story of his marriage no
The media shed light on them, and her husband never lost the fame of his wife and did not hear
It is that it exceeds fame, but has all respect, respect and sincerity.

Abdul Wahhab was always sitting under my feet, a charming pigeon Nurse and playboy
And not the left a moment – according to the novel by the great artist Samira Abdul Aziz –
But she had a husband, a brother, a friend and a righteous son.

The artist said late in an old dialogue, "Mohammed da
The most famous doctors in Egypt, the most successful and distinguished, and the medical achievements testify and attract me
It is very human, as well as very courteous and respectful, and fortunately we are very kind
In our lives, and from the first day we got married, we agreed that our lives should be owned
Only for us, thank God, we have applied this. "

"Despite his many concerns, he loves art and music
He is very fond of theater and always shares my opinions with me and plays roles according to him
And I do it ".

Abdel Wahab was seen in his wife's success as his success
Help her so that she sees marriage as a relationship of mutual love and as long as you love your wife she must love
His success

The rumors have spread recently about the marriage of the late media doctor Salma
Emphasizing that the information is completely bare for health, he said in a statement
Through his lawyer, this news is false and unfounded.

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