The Voice: The Voice - Auditions Blind 2 (Season 08)

You missed the explosive evening of The Voice 8 on Saturday, February 16, 2019, an evening during which the second blind audition session of this new season was played which starts off very, very loudly. Recover now with the Voice 8 video replay on MYTF1! The new talents are ready to dazzle you. Did you follow The Voice 8 opening night? Necessarily, you were faced with that of Saturday, February 9, 2019 … Is not this the case? So, from now on, relive this crazy night, a strong night that has seen some eleven talents try their luck in front of Mika, Jenifer, Soprano and Julien Clerc, the new coach of The Voice. To summarize these first hearings on February 9, 2019, you have certainly been surprised by this first talent: the touching return of Gage, supported by Corneille, with the cover of All Night Long Lionel Richie who has fascinated since the opening of this season 8, the 4 coaches Mika, Jenifer, Soprano and Julien Clerc … and also Poupie, the extravagant with his cover of Me, Myself And I (G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha), then Clement and his tribute to his father taking "Fils à papa" by Vianney. And also Gjon & # 39; s Tears and his eccentric and extravagant side of In My Blood Shawn Mendes also marked this broadcast 1 in season 1 … and many other candidates from last week … Mayeul, the rapper; Agathe for which Mika used "a life" (understand the "BLOCK" button for Jenifer); Laureen with his singular Amy Winehouse Back to Black … … Now discover their successors on the stage of The Voice 8: you will not be disappointed, as the level is once again high, very high! The four coaches are ready to turn around. The replay is now available on MYTF1! All these questions, all these questions, you will find their answers watching the video replay of the show The Voice 8 Saturday, February 16, 2019. Do not wait, because this second part of the blind auditions of The Voice 8 has given us some nice surprises: discover them without wait if you have not done it yet!