The winner of the show "Marry Buzov" Denis Lebedev comes to the concert of Olga Buzova in Moscow

11:24, 12.11.2018

The star was also promised to be supported by other project participants – Evgeny Pesennikov and Valentin Korobkov.

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On November 18th, Olga Buzova will present a new show to the fans, "Take Me" in Crocus City Hall. Supporting a star at such a crucial moment will not only be her sister Anna, mother Irina Aleksandrovnaas well as friends and colleagues, but also participants in the reality show "Marry Buzova". So, Valentin Korobkov devoted himself to the future concert of Olga a publication in his microblog on Instagram, where he said that "missed as a man" on Buzovoy.

"For 34 years I have been able to work, communicate and make friends with very successful people, not one of them, in terms of dedication and sense of purpose, can even closely compare with this strong and very weak girl. With a girl who for several years "in the tail and in the mane" has all these haters and ex-bastards, who not only did not believe and did not support her in the most difficult moments of life, when she was almost about to "break", so also with "smiling pleasure in the eyes", they put sticks in her wheels, hoping they would fill up and fall. But she survived and proved to everyone that the best and that all this is not yet the limit. And I, as a sign of respect and support, and of course because I simply missed a man, I will go to her concert on November 18th. I bought tickets long ago for all my friends, who, surprisingly enough, asked for a concert myself and would eventually be happy to keep me company." – took note of Korobkov (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are given below unchanged) – Approx. Ed.).

Olga Buzova on a date with Valentin Korobkov

Also during the concert is the 38-year-old Yevgeny Pesennikov, who intrigued his fans in one of the live broadcasts: "I will not say anything about November 18. Wait for a surprise Olga Buzova told at the premiere of her show" Take Me "in Moscow about her intention to speak live on Instagram and the winner of the reality show" Marry Buzova "Denis Lebedev On the question of whether he goes to the concert on November 18, the cheese maker replied: "Certainly." Lebedev also said that he had not seen Olga since mid-October. "Girls, I will tell you this story because I am willing to ask for forgiveness and only asked for someone to take the information that appeared powerfully to heart." I would not ask for forgiveness for myself. She gave her all his time, completely herself, I forgave her, forgive and forgive again, if everything is real, " – remarked Lebedev.

Denis Lebedev and Olga Buzova

Note that many fans are confident that Olga Buzova and Denis Lebedev will announce that they will be together again during the concert on November 18th. In an exclusive interview with Vokrug TV, the winner of the show "Marrying Buzova" told how he tried to bring the TV star back: "I send Ole voice messages, I ask her to give a kind of sign, a signal she needs me, we need our relationship, as soon as I feel and see, I will always be there, I send her locations, spend the night in the car at her house, wait for her and love her. a crazy timetable, I also have a pretty tight schedule.I often can not give up everything and go after her to a city for a concert Olya asked me: "Do you want me to search?" I do not really understand the meaning of this expression I do not see a reason to throw someone with gifts if there is no chance of reciprocity, and if there is reciprocity, then we should not strive for it, but show our feelings and show when we are around. said that I am always ready to help her and, if necessary, be I am ready to risk my life for her. & # 39;

Remember that Olga Buzova released her second solo album in early October, with 14 songs. Besides the songs that have already become hits ("Take me", "Champion", WIFI, "Too music") the album also contains new compositions. For example: "AtoMy", "Weakness", "Egoist." Now Olga is actively preparing for her large-scale solo concert. The star spends days and nights in the rehearsal studio. A few days ago, the singer even boasted that because of the constant training on her belly relief began to pop up.

Olga Buzova boasted a steel press

Incidentally, fans of Olga Buzova will soon be able to hear all the songs from the album "Take Me", as well as other hits by the artist. December 12 at the "Ice Palace" in St. Petersburg held a grand concert favorite of millions. According to Olga, this is the biggest show you can do on stage, which is specially delivered and installed at the Ice Palace. Olga & # 39; s friend became the director of the concert Alexey Golubevwho filmed for the vocals on her hits "Wened to", "Not enough half" and WIFI.

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