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by Marie Lacombe

9 February 2019

In the royal family of England we do not laugh with the education of children! The babysitter of George, Charlotte and Louis must literally follow a certain protocol. And of these strict rules, someone asks him not to say a word.

We imagine that the babysitter of royal babies is not easy every day. The children of Kate Middleton and Prince William have to keep to many rules and childcare Maria Borrallo is there to force them to the letter. This super-babysitter who educates George, Charlotte and Louis every day should pay attention to carefully following the protocol that is applied to the members of the royal family of England. And under these multiple rules, one is rather surprising. Indeed, Maria Borrallo is forbidden to say a word.

This funny word that the babysitter of Kate Middleton & # 39; s children is not allowed to pronounce

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No! If you think it's a big word, you're wrong! This is indeed in the columns of the British newspaper The daily mirror that the writer Louise Heren teaches us that a fairly ordinary and everyday term can not come from the mouth of the nanny. And it's about children. Understand in French, "children". But why not say this word in the presence of Princes George and Louis, as well as Princess Charlotte? The explanation is (more or less) simple. According to the author, this would show sign of respect to the royal baby & # 39; s. In short, it would allow them to be considered full-fledged people and not just as children. A rule that Maria Borrallo would have learned during her education at the Norland College, a prestigious school for future nannies!

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by Marie Lacombe