This is how the son of Aracely Arambula reacted when he saw the actress in The Lord of the Skies

The children of Aracbac Arambula, Miguel and Daniel, Respectively 11 and 9 years old, do not regularly see the work that the Mexican actress performs on television, let alone her participation in the successful superset The Lord of heaven gave his accusation of violence; The oldest, however, found his mother by cell phone on a scene of his participation in the Telemundo fiction last Tuesday and asked the 43-year-old interpreter to see her.

"Of course my children do not see the series, but [el martes] They sent me a video of the chapter and it was a scene of me, a little bit, and then I looked at it and Miguel came and told me to see ma, I want to see you & # 39 ;. And then it gave me so much curiosity and excitement to know what I thought, what my face was, "Arámbula said excitedly in a recent Facebook Live.

The reaction that the minor had when she saw her in the superset, made sure that the actress was very proud.

"And then I looked at him while he watched the video and I said" my love, what do you think of seeing me there? "And he smiled and good for me, that's the best price , it's the prize and the biggest trophy in the world to see and say his smile & # 39; oh, what fun, I like it, mama, I like to see you there & # 39; And well I imagine work for them, I do everything for them, "he said.

"Although it is a strong series and a different series, but one as an actress, you have to make different characters and I am very proud of everything that I have to do and when they are old they will see it, now they see small details and small things you can see, "Aracely added.

For Aracely it was & # 39; a surprise & # 39; that Telemundo thought of her as a special participation in the successful superset The Lord of heaven.

"Yes, it was a surprise because I went to a meeting that we were going to talk about Dona 2 and suddenly they tell me & we want to make you a very special invitation to the series The Lord of heaven& # 39 ;. And well, I was very happy, "said the Mexican actress in a recent Facebook Live." I was dying to do and they had me arrested too, "he added.


The 43-year-old interpreter believed that it's a lot of work & # 39; took it again to get into the shoes of Altagracia Sandoval, a character she played two years ago in the hit soap series The Lady; however, everything was easier than he initially thought.

"I thought it would take me a lot of work to reincarnate it, but no, I've watched the series for Instagram or for videos that they send me, I'm still on my skin. to deal with me, but if someone starts to act, the well-learned is not forgotten, I had the courage of how it would be, but the truth is that it was so immediate, I felt it had been last month, "said the heroine of Telemundo's melodrama The patron.

The actress, who had not played for a long time, enjoyed filming in the superset every day.

"No scene made me complicated, on the contrary, I liked to act so much, I wanted to act like that again and better than my character from Altagracia who already knew him.When you finish a series or a novel, you always get a a lot of emotions, a character that you have incarnated for many months, so now you take that character really exciting again and I've enjoyed all the scenes, "said Arámbula.

The Lord of heaven It aired from Monday to Friday at 10 am, Eastern time, at Telemundo.