Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel: the very sensual shot of the newlyweds (PHOTO)

The beautiful love story of Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey continues. The two lovers have just said yes, which proves that their age difference – 21 for her, 51 for him – was not a hindrance to their relationship. Their wedding was celebrated with joy and joy on August 24, and a few days later the couple flew to Bahia for their honeymoon. Both took the opportunity to post many snapshots on social networks before resuming the course of their lives, including a visit to Venice for the beautiful model.

⋙ Tina Kunakey shouts her love to Vincent Cassel on Instagram (VIDEO)

A few days ago she shared some photo 's of their wedding, on which she appears with a big smile, to the delight of her fans. And in a different style, she has just revealed a very sensual picture taken in the company of her husband.

⋙ Tina Kunakey shares very intimate photo's of her wedding with Vincent Cassel (PHOTO)

Was the cliché made during their honeymoon or at home in Brazil? Hard to say. Yet Tina Kunakey poses in a swimsuit, topless, her bare breasts hidden by the wooden pontoon on which Vincent Cassel is installed. A sunny shot on a background of a palm tree, which wants to go terribly on vacation. The couple seems radiant with happiness and always complicit. Moreover, the legend described by the model proves it: her husband is "his world", no matter who criticizes it.

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