Tomorrow belongs to us (TF1): will a character die tonight - TV 7 Days

In the past few days fans of Tomorrow belongs to us follow the adventures of Margot (Marysole Fertard) and Kylian (Ludovic Charles). The girl, who can count the Delcourt, her host family, came very close to Kylian, who saved her from burning the farm. Together they take part in various campaigns with vegan activists. Kylian is, however, treated by Victor Brunet, who demands that the "blood flows", with a victim in mind very specific: Chantal, who runs a butcher's shop.

In the episode of February 8, we learn that Chantal has bought a gun and that she is determined to use it for anyone trying to attack her or her institution. Kylian is determined to tell Margot the truth and goes to her room in the Delcourt to tell him everything. But the girl suffers from back pain, which interrupts her confidentiality. Apparently someone wants to get better, Kylian goes to Chantal's butcher's shop that night with a bat. The last one, who has not left the establishment, is facing him, determined to use his rifle. After we have ordered him to leave, we hear a gunshot … Has Chantal Kylian been shot? Is Kylian dead? It will be necessary to be armed with patience to discover it!

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