Total eclipse: a "blood moon" visible in the night from Sunday to Monday

Sometimes we speak of "blood moon" or "red moon". It is actually a total solar eclipse, but unlike eclipses from the sun, the star does not disappear, but it gets a reddish color. This phenomenon will be observable in France during the night from Sunday 20 to Monday 21 January.

It should be even more spectacular that the moon will be almost full. During such an event the earth is located between the sun and the moon. The satellite is then in the dim light, but the atmosphere of our planet comes back through a diffraction effect on the light of the star. The moon darkens before it takes on this specific color at the height of the event.

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"The importance of the observation is to follow the progress of the earth's shadow on the lunar surface, and the event can be followed throughout the country – only difficulty: choose a clear observation site to enjoy the show, even if it is high enough in the air ", explains the French association of astronomy. It will therefore be necessary to hope for a clear sky, but also to avoid the sources of light pollution in the big cities to make the best of it.

The diagram also makes the observation a bit more difficult. The eclipse starts at 4:33 for a peak between 5:41 and 6:43.

No special precautionary measures are required to detect a lunar eclipse. If the event is not as rare as a solar eclipse, it will still be necessary to wait until 2022 for another "moon of blood" to be visible in the air of France.

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