TPMP - Gilles Verdez fired because of Michel Cymes? Outré, the balance of the doctor

Since the affair between Karine Ferri and Cyril Hanouna and the Do not touch my position (C8), another facilitator emerged. Indeed, Michel Cymes also wanted to settle his accounts with the PAF troublemaker and his columnists who had estimated on 17 October 2018 that his broadcast Adventures of medicines (France 2) was "street girlHe has warned since then TPMP written through a letter with his lawyer. In the air of C8 yesterday, Thursday, November 8, 2018, Cyril Hanouna replied. In the aftermath of this answer, Michel Cymes reacted again.

For the viewers, the star host of the channel said that Michel Cymes in his letter to C8 had asked to dismiss Gilles Verdez, otherwise he would no longer accept invitations to programs that were broadcast by the Canal + group. A request made by Cyril Hanouna out of his hinges: "I tell you, when Gilles Verdez leaves, I will of course accompany him. There is no question of letting go of Gilles Verdez. It is his job. The leaders of the channel group did not, of course, listen to Michel Cymes."

Michel Cymes denies Gilles Verdez wanting to fire

This Friday, November 9, 2018, the 61-year-old doctor, via his lawyer-master Florence Watrin, denies on the blog of Jean-Marc Morandini any dismissal of Gilles Verdez. "Mr. Michel Cymes formally denies these unfounded and malicious rumors", can read in this right to reply.In addition, the lawyer indicates that the animator has"has not taken a position on this subject"different from the one that has already been expressed"in complete transparency".

As a reminder, the team of TPMP had indicated that the subject was being treated in the broadcast Adventures of medicines – who was nothing but the disorders of sexuality – was reciting. "Even with a scolding theme like this, it does not work (…). When will they understand?", Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez had released to swing:"This is the end of the illusion of Michel Cymes. Every time you say he is the favorite host of the French. But nobody is looking at it! I do not know who likes it, but I think we like to hate it. I hate him without loving him. He is a bad leader, he has no talent. (…) It is a scandal of public service."

Words that touched the most famous PAF doctor in the heart. "I find it unbearable to see the witnesses of the show, who trusted us by agreeing to show themselves in front of the camera, to be attacked", he complained, to follow matters …

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