Travis Scott dances with Storms for Kylie Jenner's birthday – Video – Hollywood Life

Travis Scott dances with Storms for Kylie Jenner's birthday – Video – Hollywood Life

Aww! Travis Scott shared an adorable moment with the little Stormi on August 10th and will completely melt your heart. Watch the video here!

Kylie JennerThe party for the 21st birthday of August 9th began with dinner at the Craig restaurant before moving to Delilah, the West Hollywood area. And it was a real butt-down and according to an Instagram video that later emerged online, Kylie was seen exhibiting some important PDAs with her boyfriend Travis Scott26 years in. But while Travis and Kylie & # 39; s PDA were cute, a also cuter the video was shared on Kylie's Snapchat account the next day and saw Travis dancing with 6 months flocks! The video shows Travis as Stormi giggles as he plants daddy kisses on his cheek. It's an absolutely sweet moment between father and daughter! I want to see it? Look below!

Travis seems to be in loving dad mode and the video, which was further shared on a Kardashian fan page on Instagram, was a big hit online. The comments were universally positive with a person who writes, "this is too good", and another writing, "his little smile omg". One user also wrote, "I want a baby". It was an extraordinary show of dad-daughter love and an intimate look in the young family.

Before Kylie's birthday, the rumors had swirled the fact that Travis was going to propose to her party, but in the end he had bought her a classic Rolls Royce – one that he gave her on August 10th. A fantastic gift, right? Despite not proposing it, it seems clear that the wedding bells could definitely be in the future of the couple. Above all because after delivering the Rolls, Travis called Kylie "wifey" in the video. Aww!

As we told you before, Travis and Kylie were friends before going out together. she is Tyga broke up in April 2017 and a few days later, Travis and Kylie made their appearance at a Coachella party, where they looked very much like a couple. And since then they have been inseparable. Their relationship took a shocking turn in September 2017, when the news arrived that they were waiting for the baby Stormi, who would then be born in February 2018. The couple may not yet be ready to be attacked, but for now they seem to be a great happy family!

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