Trumps Virulent attack on the Democrat leader in Congress

Donald Trump Sunday accused the leader of the democratic majority in the House of Representatives & # 39; Irrational & # 39; to behave and to be radicalized after Nancy Pelosi had rejected an offer from the US president with which he could have financed the wall.

In a malicious Twitter indictment, Trump even went so far as to ask Mrs. Pelosi, chosen from California, to clean the streets of San Francisco where she lives.

"Nancy Pelosi behaved so irrationally and went so far to the left that she is now officially a radical democrat, so stiffened by the leftists of her party that she has lost control," wrote the president.

"And by the way, clean the streets of San Francisco, they are disgusting!", Mr. Trump added to the attention of the democratic leader.

In a previous tweet, the chief executive, who celebrates his first two years in the White House on Sunday, blamed mrs. Pelosi for rejecting the offer he had put on Saturday in an attempt to put a term for the "shutdown", the budget-blocking of federal services that lasted almost a month.

Donald Trump has proposed extending temporary statutes for about one million migrants at risk of being deported from the United States, in exchange for funding from Congress for its anti-clandestine border wall, its main campaign promise.

Mrs Pelosi rejected this proposal, did not see it as a presidential concession to break the stalemate, but a "compilation of several initiatives that had already been rejected in the past and were all unacceptable".

Approximately 800,000 federal government officials are affected by the closure, placed on unpaid leave or forced to work without being paid.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats "must do what's right for the country and allow people to go back to work," Trump said on Sunday.

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