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Nice evening for the TF1 band! If the first channel retained its position as leader of the February 7 hearings, at the end of the ninth season of profiling, it is a big surprise for the second place, occupied by TMC who is broadcasting What have we done to God?. The French comedy with Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby collected 2 876 000 viewers (a market share of 14.2%), which Special envoy on France 2, which drew 2 876 000 curiously. This is a historical record (with the exception of sports meetings) for the TNT channel.

How to explain such a success, while the afflictions of the Verneuil family were already broadcast on TF1 last December? A broadcast of 8.5 million viewers, who had placed the first channel at the top of the hearings.

The exit of What have we done to God? in theaters more than 12 million spectators had gathered in 2014. TMC has also decided to broadcast the comedy while its suite, What have we done with God? is currently in the cinema and has been seen by more than 2.1 million curious people.

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