Véronique Genest "do not regret" to be afraid of Islam

Véronique Genest "do not regret" to be afraid of Islam

Controversy. The actress is back on her 2012 comments that had been scandalous.

Véronique Genest, who played Julie Lescaut on TF1, took advantage of an interview with Télé-Star to review the controversy he had caused in 2012. That year, he said in a Jean-Marc Morandini show: "Phobia means scary, so yes, maybe yes, probably, I am Islamophobic like many French people, I am afraid of Islam because we are afraid of something we do not know.

"I'm not the only one to be scared"

A statement that was scandalous, the actress became a persona non grata on many televisions. Rappers Bigflo and Oli had meanwhile refused to go to a show where she was invited.

Six years after the scandal, Véronique Genest says he has fully taken on his words: "I do not regret anything (…) People are smart and my positions, they understood very well … Some people say something much more difficult than me . "

This is not the first time this kind of talk has been made. Already in 2016, he said on the set of LCI: "It is not me who speaks of my statements about Islam, it is Islam that speaks for itself, I regret nothing, it was fear. they're scared and I'm still scared and I'm not the only one scared. "