VIDEO. "It is unthinkable": Pascal Praud accused by a columnist of passing "fake news"

On Monday (September 10), Maurice Szafran accused Pascal Praud of accepting the words of Philippe Tournon as a matter of course, stating that Alexandre Benalla had touched the World Cup.

A sharp suspension took place on Monday morning between Pascal Praud and his columnist Maurice Szafran. From the beginning of L & # 39; heure des pros, criticizes the editor Pascal Praud to bring false news to the air. The CNEWS reporter took the comments from Philippe Tournon on the Daily News series last week. The press secretary of the Bleus had confirmed that, Alexander Benalla had touched for a few minutes the world championship.

"It's a fake news! In the morning there are fake news that appear ! It's great … What happened last night, are you talking about Benalla? It is unthinkable " was outraged Maurice Szafran. If Pascal Praud seemed calm at first, the journalist froze quickly, cleaning itself of all professional misconduct: "I say that Philippe Tournon says: & # 39;It is Benalla who is round with the cup and we were looking for her everywhere& # 39;".

"You do not have the least element, you have nothing!"

Always very angry, the former boss of Marianne did not faint: "It's fake! There is not the least evidence. You do not have the least element of early journalism research. You have nothing! (…) You take a sentence. He does not say whether he has been searching for the World Championships for five seconds, five minutes, five hours or five days. There is no journalism research! Nothing ! This is not a testimony! (…) You are talking about an event in the month of July where one does not have the beginning of the beginning of a proof " he argued. Pascal Praud, he has not outbid and put an end to the tirade that was aimed at him. TV Star suggest to review this series.