Video: Panin drove on Gelendvagene along the pedestrian street

The next provocative trick of the actor Alexei Panin was his journey on Gelendvagen along the pedestrian street of Saratov. The video he shot from the cab of his car, Panin posted on Instagram. Soon the video appeared on YouTube.

Making his demonstrative journey in the presence of his young daughter, Panin also comments.

"Purely Saratov! On the pedestrian street!" He exclaims.

In this case, her daughter is not so enthusiastic about what is happening. "Daddy, they'll fix us", tries to reason with his father. "According to someone", an unknown woman is in agreement with the girl, who is also in the car.

Presumably, this voice belongs to the actress Masha Krol, who, together with Panin, came to Saratov for filming, reports

True, the frames are not visible, whether the actor is driving or on the passenger seat.

Previously, Panin stated on Instagram that he "leave early" and "come only for money" in Russia. He later denied these words.

Prior to this, Panin called on the Russians to "throw out of the country". This was his reaction to the proposal by LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky to transfer a child to another family in a custody dispute between parents.