View: After the video dance .. A new scandal behind Mona Farouk and Khalid Yusuf - Sawa

During the last few hours, the young singer Mona Farouk led the worldwide search engine "Google" after a new video was released during a sexual relationship with a man who was supposedly the Egyptian director Khaled Youssef, claimed activists.

The video came after a new leak of the young artist, a few days ago with actress Shima Haj, during a dance link "half naked" and the video spread at a fantastic speed over the internet. According to "Arm News"

Farouk is one of the new faces that entered the world of action in recent years.

Mona Farouk was born in Cairo in 1995 and her career began in a number of TV commercials until her work was transformed by Mohammed Rajab into a film, Al Khallabous.