Walk in the Beaujolais (4/4) In the land of great wines

Vines on the slopes at Juliénas (PB)

After an abundant meal in Chiroubles, we want to stretch our legs. A new walk through the vineyards is then welcome. Still in the Beaujolais great wines, Juliénas for example. There are only a few kilometers to go to get there. Also there the vines do not end up to a nipple. When the orange fingers of autumn are over, the ride will have a charm, if the weather is natural, as was the case on our day.

After this short walk we stopped at Clos de Haute-Combe, Vincent Audras, at home. A reader of the electronic version of La Croix by the way. That day, this winemaker who produces famous restaurants, such as the Procope in Paris, presented a tasting of his wines in collaboration with his nephew Baptiste, chocolatier in Lyon, in Sève (a master chocolatier and a famous house) and Sophie, a young pastry chef, who has just started her own business.

Gamay is the only grape variety that is authorized to produce Beaujolais rouge d & # 39; appartation (PB)

It was good, the man who clearly talks about talking about wine, is inexhaustible in linking wine and food. "You should always think of this association so that the wine is dominant," he says. That day, Sophie & # 39; s & # 39; s cake from the islands & # 39 ;, with citrus fruit and rum, delights the sweetness of the white Beaujolais from the estate. As far as the chocolate "Nicaragua 76%" of Baptiste is concerned, he emphasizes his Juliénas of 2013. "Wine works like a flavor enhancer," says Vincent Audras.

"Our happiness," he says, "is our style of wine, lighter, more fruity, trendy, but sad at age 63, looking for a buyer at age 63 because none of his three daughters take over." Here, "he regretted. "there is a facility for eight starts. Before you start again: "It's an exciting job," he says. It is magical to put your name on a label. But there is so much work behind it. "Wine", he concludes, "you should really enjoy doing it, you should also talk about it." No doubt: Vincent Audras excels in both areas.


in practice

Inform: www.destination-beaujolais.com.

Accommodation: Hotel Les Maritonnes.71570 Romanèche-Thorins. Tel: 03 85 35 51 70. www.lesmaritonnes.com/fr. And also, Château de Pizay. 69220 Saint-Jean-d & # 39; Ardières. Tel: 04 74 66 51 41. www.chateau-pizay.com

To eat: The Terrace of Beaujolais, 69115 Chiroubles. Tel: 04 74 69 90 79. www.la-terrasse-du-beaujolais.fr

Wine tasting and buying: Vincent Audras. Clos de Haute-Combe, 69840 Julianas. Tel: 04 74 04 41 09

Paula Boyer

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