Weekend Box Office: "The Meg" sinks its teeth on an opening day of $ 15 million

Weekend Box Office: "The Meg" sinks its teeth on an opening day of $ 15 million

7:33 am PDT 8/10/2018


Pamela McClintock

Jon Turtelaub directed the latest Hollywood shark film for Warner Bros. and China's Gravity Pictures.

What would the summer be like without a shark film?

Warner Bros. & # 39; shark photo The Meg, starring the perpetual action star Jason Statham, it seems he can have real teeth at the box office. After collecting a promising $ 4 million in Thursday night's previews while swimming in theaters in North America, the first estimates are that it could take about $ 15 million today (including its gross Thursday) as it heads for a three-day payoff. that could crest $ 35 million.

If that applies, then The Meg it will have beaten the prerelease tracking that has seen about $ 20 million in its national debut – all against a budget of $ 150 million (the study says the net budget was $ 130 million).

The Meg he also hopes for a great return to the open sea. China's Gravity has allocated a significant portion of the budget and is managing distribution tasks in China, where the film is open Friday.

The film earned $ 7.2 million from its first market raft on Thursday. In China, the film will move at a solid $ 16 million on Friday, putting it behind two local films. So far in China, The Meg he is surpassing San Andreas, Skyscraper is Geostorm.

Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao and Cliff Curtis are the co-stars of the film, which follows a group of scientists trying to stop the destruction of a giant shark.

In the summer of 1975, director Steven Spielberg made history with the classic shark film jaws. More recently, Sony Shallows, with Blake Lively, he revived the genre by grossing $ 119 million globally against a modest $ 25 million budget. That was followed by 47 meters down last summer, which raised $ 44.3 million against a budget of $ 5.5 million.

Many other films open on the opposite national level The Meg, including the high-profile Cannes at the Spike Lee Film Festival BlacKkKlansman, which tells the true story of two Colorado cops, a black one (John David Washington) and a jew (Adam Driver), who infiltrated their local KKK in the early years & # 70;

From the focusing features, BlacKkKlansman is following the debut in the $ 10 million range, a solid start for the launch of a special film in the summer compared to the fall season. Friday's estimates put its first gross proceeds at around $ 4 million, which should lead it to hit a $ 10 million opening weekend.

Sony's Screen Gems enter the fray of August on a tight budget Slender man, a supernatural horror film that is approaching the $ 8 million – $ 12 million range after earning $ 1 million in Thursday's premieres. Today it seems to be worth around $ 4 million, which would be its opening in the $ 10 million range. The photo follows a group of friends fascinated by the internet tradition of the scarecrow known as Slender Man. When they try to prove that it does not exist, one of them mysteriously disappears.

The fourth new national weekend offer is the independent film Dog days, from LD Entertainment. The family comedy, at the crossroads between humans and dogs, is following the traces of opening to millions of digits from one-digit to one-digit digits at the other. The cast includes Eva Longoria, Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, Lauren Lapkus, Thomas Lennon, Adam Pally, Ryan Hansen and Rob Corddry. His estimate of Friday's take is between $ 700,000 and $ 900,000, which should lead to a three-day take of around $ 3 million.

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