Weekend Box Office: "The Predator" takes first place, but it is certainly not a victory

20th Century Fox

The Predator took the top spot at the weekend's box office, but 20th Century Fox is probably not blowing caps on champagne bottles after a relatively mediocre $ 24 million opening. This puts it narrowly behind the voice of Nimród Antal of 2010, Predators ($ 24.7 million), but that film cost only $ 40 million to be earned while Shane Black's entry, the sixth of the series (counting the Alien against predator film), cost $ 88 million to be brought to the screen. The extra $ 48 million spent clearly did not increase the results. Even with the talent of Shane Black (the writer of the original film) on board as a director, it is a mystery why Fox would have spent $ 88 million on a film when none of the six films made so much money at the national box office. Only two (the original Predator is Alien against predator) managed to earn a lot, even if adjusted for inflation.

Of course, it was not helpful that neither the critics nor the most disinterested public cared much about the film. He's sitting at a paltry 34 percent on Rotten Tomatoes (and based on some reviews I've read, he's generous), while the audience gave him a miserable C + Cinemascore. Clearly, the original fans were burned by too many bad sequels, and when the reviews came to this and they confirmed the same thing, some of the franchise's faithful were saved. Probably not even the fact that the biggest social media star, Olivia Munn, was involved in an unfortunate controversy for the whole week, and although she certainly attracted a lot of attention on the film, was not helpful (although there was something good to come out of it).

However, the difference between 2010 Predators and 2018 The Predator it could be the growing international box office. While the original produced a collection of about $ 52 million, it added $ 75 million overseas The Predator it's likely to be the best, thanks to a robust international box office when it comes to action photos. Even after the cost of marketing and production, in addition to the division with exhibitors, The Predator will fight powerfully until the tie.