What did Dmitry Brusnikin remember? | | Person | culture

What did Dmitry Brusnikin remember? | | Person | culture

Dmitry Brusnikin.
Dmitry Brusnikin. Photo: www.globallookpress.com

Dmitry Brusnikin He was born in 1957 in Potsdam, Germany, where he was his father. Regarding his career in theater and cinema, he initially did not think, after school he went to study at the Institute of Electronic Technology in Moscow. But during his studies he became interested in theater, studied in the studio at the national theater, and after it the famous actor and teacher Viktor Korshunov advised him to change his profession. It did not work immediately – the year when Brusnikin was a theatrical theater actor, and in 1978 he successfully passed the exams in three main actors: Shchepkinskoye and Shchukin School and Moscow Art Theater School. I chose the school study, where Oleg Tabakov attended a course and after studying I received an invitation to the Moscow Art Theater.

He played in Bulgakov's "Days of Turbins" and "Ball at Candlelight" shows, "Eugene Bazarov" by Turgenev, in "Ivanov" and "Uncle Van" by Chekhov, who himself put Efremov. Then he began his pedagogical activity – initially he was an assistant, then a teacher. Among his students there were Sergei Lazarev, Darya Moroz, Alexandra Ursulyak, Ekaterina Solomatina, Yury Kvyatkovskiy, Anastasia Skoryk. In 2006, Brusnikin received the title of professor.

In the film he began acting over the years' 80, in his filmography of about forty works of art; among these the series "Petersburg mysteries", "Detectives", "Mysterious Passion", shown in the film "Kinotavre-2017" "Hole", in which Brusnikin as president speaks with the pike. He also directed a lot as a director – mostly police series: "Detective", "MUR is MUR", "Hound".

But Brusnikinu's fame was carried by theatrical activity. Here too he posed as a director – on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov, he created "Platonov", "Lament in a manny", "Thunderstorm". For the production of "He is in Argentina" he received a prize Oleg Tabakov with the formulation: "To return to the stage of the Art Theater of Art one of the most profound and original dramatists of our time – Lyudmila Petrushevskaya".

In 2015, he released another acting course at the Moscow Art Theater School and this course turned out to be a reference point for Brusnikin, received his name (Dmitry Brusnikin & # 39; s Workshop) and joined the Man Theater as a whole. Brusnikin became the Khudruk deputy of this theater and in 2017 his "Workshop" moved to the "Practice" theater.

In May 2018, Brusnikin was appointed hudruk and director of "Practice", he was preparing, according to him, a work plan for the next three years and was looking for a theater director to divide the two places. Boris Mezdrich was appointed director this week, but they have not worked together.

"Today Dmitry Brusnikin is dead, our leader, our art director, we do not know how to write it, how to talk about it, and there were many projects ahead of us," he said on the "Practice" page on Facebook.

Farewell to Dmitry Brusnikin will be reported later.


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