"What should I do in rehabilitation?": Jürgen Drews is back on stage

"What should I do in rehabilitation?": Jürgen Drews is back on stage

In an interview with the & # 39; Bild & # 39; he explained: "The doctor advised me to go to the rehab clinic, I asked him what I should do there, I am on the podium and then I got the go-ahead." This extraordinary way of rehabilitation seems to benefit the musician, because he shines on the stage with pink cheeks and gives full throttle again. The 73-year-old made his comeback at a small open-air festival in an outdoor swimming pool in Remscheid. A second appearance was still on the plan, but he did not want to support anything and did not feel fit enough for the long ride.

Over the last few weeks, the interpreter seemed to have a bed in Kornfeld & # 39; to have taken it clear and the hardships outlined him from the outside. He even thought about resigning. "Before the operation and on the road to Remscheid, I really asked Romana:" What if I said I stopped now? "There were real thoughts like that," said the king. His wife would not mind complaining, but she also knows what the job means to him: "That's his hobby and he can not just give up," says the blonde.

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