What you do not know about a couple of Shiha .. Holds Canadian and Italian nationality

What you do not know about a couple of Shiha .. Holds Canadian and Italian nationality

Today's Egypt, where it remained 12 years away from the spotlight, until it came back with a big bang, not only because it decided to withdraw from its decision to withdraw from art, but also because it gave up to the veil .. Since yesterday there is no talk on the communication sites only of the "return" of the artist Hala Shiha, the comments are supportive and critical. In the middle of this debate, a video was made by the Salafist Mohammed al-Sawy, in which he spoke of the reaction of the artist's husband, Joseph Harrison, to what his wife had done.

The video, which was published by the preacher on his official Facebook site, Wednesday night and received extensive discussions through social networks before erasing, told the details of his call with "Harrison", saying that this last he strongly criticized the decision of Hala Shiha, take off the veil and return to the representation once again.

Al-Sawy continued: "Whoever hurt me, my brother, cried a lot in the call, crying I did not give him one of the men before, he cried and said, Sheikh Sheikh was accidental for 12 years, and a policeman when she got married not to take off the hijab and cover herself, spaced by everything that angered God. "

He told me: "I will represent you". I agreed with me that she would go to Egypt on leave after Ramadan, and would stay for a month and return to her, then told me that she would take off the veil and represent the hijab. College, or be with me or not with me. "

He said: "Her husband told me: I had a dialogue with a journalist, he did not consult me ​​and did not take care of me, and he told me that he would take the hijab altogether, Sheikh this wife and this is my offer, as I wanted to see people with hair, and people see his face, and people see his body, 12 years full. "

Here is the most important information about Yusuf:

– An Italian-Canadian citizen called "Herson", and lived in Alexandria years of his youth to study Arabic, but attached to Egypt, he did not want to return.
– Know the solution Shiha soon and before its fame by virtue of its beginning in the Ajami region, and it was not yet Islam.
– They interrupted their relationship for a while, then continued again after learning about Islam and calling themselves "Yusuf", they encouraged her to wear the veil in 2004.
– Their relationship was interrupted again after removing his hijab at that time for the pressure of his parents.
– After wearing a niqab in 2006, and decided to retire from art, her mother was the reason for their return, but this time she decided to get married.
– He told the story of his Islam in an old meeting on the channel "people", stating that he was a young man in life and "Taish", but he was unhappy, Vhs that his soul needs food other than body food and pleasure, and once spends one of his whims at Nuweiba He decided to seek God and started reading in faith for several months, but he did not read anything about Islam, he did not read anything about Islam.
He traveled to England, where he thought he would not read about Islam, which happened, and there is a request from a friend to give him the Qur'an and return to Egypt three months before the month of Ramadan. The first time the mosque entered was in Friday prayers.
– He has 4 children: "Here, Khadija, Ahmad and Aisha".

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