Whatever your horoscope .. Know your luck Monday, August 13, 2018

Whatever your horoscope .. Know your luck Monday, August 13, 2018

Written by Abdo Zaki

Whatever your horoscope offers you "Voice of the Nation" your fortune Monday, August 13, 2018 with the most important features and disadvantages of your personality.

Aries: fast and intuitive

He was born on 21/3 until 19/4.

The aries are characterized by mental alertness, high self-esteem, selfishness, adventurous love, a race to love, a search for stability, selfishness and impatience, unconsciousness, a tendency to bullying, aggression, anger and audacity.

Fortuna Aries Day professionally:

The relationship between you and your manager gets better and you can meet him at night.

Day view of Aries emotionally:

Your relationship with the lover improves after you've apologized for the mistake.

Fortuna Aries Day Healthy:

Your physical and mental health is good in the evening.

Astronomers forecasts for Aries:

Astronomers expect the birth of Aries to stabilize the family and the material.

Taurus: Salvatore

He was born on 20/4 until 20/5.

Taurus is characterized by determination and determination, sincerity, long-term relationships, greed, greed, jealousy, love of possession and curiosity.

Toro luck today professionally:

Your manager asks you what the result of your mission will be.

Toro's luck today emotionally:

Live in a good emotional state as a result of loving and loving each other.

Fortune Taurus Day Healthy:

Feel better about physical conditions and reasonable mental state.

Astronomical forecasts for the birth of Taurus:

Astronomers expect the Taurus race to have a purity of family atmosphere and a better relationship with their parents.

Gemini: a neuron

He was born between 21/5 and 20/6.

The Twins are characterized by intelligent, talented, sociable, adventurous people, willing to discuss details of life, patient and wounds, tension, nervousness, curiosity, mood swings and imbalance.

Fortune Gemini Day professionally:

Feel a noticeable improvement in your relationship with your manager.

Gemini's fortune today emotionally:

More emotional stability courts the lover and ask for a walk.

The luck of the twins today healthy:

Live a good physical condition because of the distance from fatty foods and your psychological condition improves in the evening.

Astronomers' predictions on the births of Gemini:

Astronomers predict the birth of the Virgin of a reasonable amount of physical stability.

Cancer: intrusive

He was born on 21/6 until 22/7.

A cancerous child with a fantasy, sincerity, home and family in the front rows is a peace of mind, socially ignored, leaving his problems to help others solve their problems, hurt him, anger, violence, harsh criticism, temperament.

Lucky cancer today professionally:

There is a professional stability at the start of the day and tension at the end.

Lucky Cancer Day Today:

Your emotional life improves as you enter the evening and meet your lover.

Cancer Day Health:

Your condition is very stable and your physical condition is stable in the evening.

Astronomers predict cancer births:

Astronomers expect that the tumor breeder will reconcile with the neighbors and stabilize the social situation.

Lion Tower: optimistic

He was born on 23/6 until 22 August.

The lion is characterized by creativity, by generosity, by the capacity of reason, by warmth, by optimism, by the lack of courage, by the great capacity for realization and by suffering, by bullying, by vainglory, by arrogance, from militancy and impatience.

Fortuna Tower Today professionally:

The tension is at work by a colleague.

Watch the Tower of the Lion emotionally today:

Your emotional state is stretched during the day and stable before midnight.

Watch the Lion Tower healthy today:

Your physical condition is reasonable and your mental condition is strained at night.

Astronomers for the birth of the lion:

Astronomers of the birth of a lion predict the stability of family life in a reasonable way.

Virgin: modest

He was born on 23 / 8-22 / 9.

Virgo is practical, diligent, accurate, intelligent, modest, reliable, easily adaptable, loves stability, is structured in life, seeks perfection, hurts, shyness, cruelty, anxiety and much criticism.

Vision of today's Virgo Professionally:

You feel better in your career courting your manager.

Vision of the Virgin emotionally today:

Feel a slight improvement in your emotional life, be careful in dealing with your life partner.

Vision of the Virgin today healthy:

Your physical condition is stable and your mental state is very reasonable during the night.

Astronomers predict the birth of the Virgin:

Astronomers predict that the birth of the Virgin will improve the family and the financial situation.

Libra: romantic

He was born on 23/9 until 23/10.

Libra is characterized by being romantic, charming, lovable, polite, based on the principle, sanctifying married life, impingement, introversion, ingenuity and hesitation.

Fortuna Tower today:

Your relationship with the manager today is at his best, but watch out for fraud.

Luck Today Libra:

Feel emotional stability with your loved ones because of your interest in him.

Luck Libra Today Healthy:

Your physical condition is good and your condition is excellent in the evening.

Astronomers' predictions on the birth of Libra:

Astronomers expect the birth of Libra to have family stability and imprisonment.

Scorpio: mysterious

He was born on 24/10 until 21/11.

The scorpion is characterized by passion, power, excitement, strength of character, determination, silent secrets, malice, love for possession, jealousy, indecision, mystery, curiosity.

Scorpio's fortune today professionally:

Your relationship with the manager has improved today by your willingness to act and satisfy your desires.

Scorpio emotionally day view:

Feel that your emotional state is better than the past.

Scorpio day view Health:

Feel that your physical condition is excellent and your psychological condition is good especially at night.

Astronomers forecasts on scorpions:

Astronomers predict that Scorpio children will stabilize the family and physical environments.

Torre del Sagittario: free

He was born on 22/11 until 21/12.

Sagittarius is characterized by fun, joy, love of freedom, honesty, adventurous intelligence, infallibility, abandonment, irresponsibility, inclination to introversion, superficiality, madness, anxiety, deviant soul, out of the heart. ;ordinary.

Day of Sagittarius of the Tower of Fortune Professionally:

Your manager is angry with you for losing your professional level.

Luck Tower Sagittarius emotionally today:

Feel that your emotional life is stretched at noon and noon.

Luck Tower Sagittarius Health Day:

Your physical condition is tense and your mood is stable in the evening.

Astronomers' predictions on the birth of Sagittarius:

Astronomers foresee the birth of a bow to renew a family problem and obtain a financial sum.

Capricorn: Prude

He was born on 22/12 until 19/1.

Capricorn is characterized as practical, rational, fun, patient, socially difficult, slow to form social relationships, too interested in tradition and often pessimistic.

Fortune Capricorn Day Professionally:

You feel persecuted today and you know your manager is your destiny.

Fortune Tower Capricorn Day emotionally:

Your relationship with your life partner is distinct from the big and bright before midnight.

Fortune Capricorn Day Healthy:

Stability of physical and psychological conditions for most of the day.

Astronomers' predictions on the birth of Capricorn:

Astronomers predict that the birth of Capricorn will improve the family relationship.

Aquarium: fierce

He was born on 20/1 until 18/2.

Aquarius is characterized by being friendly, independent, intelligent, creative, cheerful, characterized by originality, idealism, passion and passion, trying to do a lot to please his partner, making his personality strong, imperfect, stubborn, impulsive and unpredictable.

Aquarium seen today professionally:

An official at work will cost you an hour to complete tomorrow.

The vision of Aquarius today emotionally:

Your relationship with the lover is extraordinarily good and you could meet him in the evening.

The vision of Aquarius healthy today:

Your condition is excellent and your condition is stable.

Astronomical forecasts for aquarium children:

Astronomers, for the children of Aquarius, expect great social stability.

Pisces: Salvatore

He was born in 19/2 to 20/3.

The sign of Pisces is characterized by social, loyal, immaterial, disinterested and defective personality, weak, easy control, ambiguity.

Fortune Pisces today professionally:

Your manager contacts you to reassure you and promises you financial compensation.

View Pisces Tower Today emotionally:

Live emotional stability with the loved one, courting him.

View Pisces Pisces Today Healthy:

Your physical condition is stable compared to yesterday and your psychological condition reaches the peak of nighttime stability.

Astronomers forecasts on Pisces:

Astronomers expect the Pisces to reconcile with a neighbor.