What's normal? It's time for M & # 39; it was Luna

What's normal? It's time for M & # 39; it was Luna

Hildesheim – The gothic scene meets in Hildesheim – on the aerodrome begins the Moon M was. Visitors come from all corners of Germany and the world.

Photo: Gossmann


Under the motto "The great love until after death and beyond" Christa (photo) this time for the Gothic Festival M & # 39; was Luna dress. With her husband, two of her seven children and a friend threw herself into a self-produced bowl for the walk on the Fugplatz in Hildesheim. The parts of the skull and the skeleton are part of the outfit. The family has traveled from Bavaria to the festival for ten years, "because people are so nice and cute".

Just like Christa, most of the 20,000 visitors walk along the track on the first day of the festival, eat out in the medieval market, go shopping, take a massage or take a picture, or listen to bands on the big lawn. Most people are dressed in black. More attractive are the flashy outfits, based on fantasy, Victorian, EBM or steel punk. One of the youngest visitors to M & # 39; was Luna is the daughter of Christa Jessika at the age of 13, one of the oldest with 65 Peter of Hamburg. "Because it's beautiful", describes the retired his fifth participation at the Black Family party.

Saturday night headlining at 21 in Extremo and at 22:45 is The Prodigy. Last Sunday at 11, the latest is at 20.45 icebreaker clock on the main stage.

Photo: Heidrich

Friday night

Kristina and her husband Daniel of Nordheim arrived at the Hildesheim Air Force on Friday morning at eight, to reserve a place for them and for the 20 friends arriving from all over the country at the M & # 39; -Festival during the day, This time under the slogan Hawaii: with flag, flamingos and skirts with basil. "Last year, we had passed the motto" to celebrate Christmas "and we arrived with the Christmas tree and the mulled wine," says the nurse. The weather had been adapted from the cold side. "But this time Hawaii will adapt," says Matthias, laughing in view of the temperatures and the sun. The 38-year-old toolmaker is at the festival for the 15th time: "We want to have fun and celebrate with the family".

Photo: Gossmann

This is also the motto of the "M & # 39; was Morning Crew", whose solid ritual has not delighted all guests of the camp for six years: "From 5.30 in the morning we sit in line and greet everyone with a kind Good morning after the song by Nana Mouskouri "Melanie explains. The 39-year-old cook comes from Bad Oeynhausen and is the prisoner of the funky ball teams, who every evening for alcoholic games on the einführet catwalk.

At this time, most of the 20,000 visitors have set up their own tent and sit down at long beer tables and eat or are at the merchandising stand for this year's festival T-shirt. The mood is relaxed, the first night can come.

How to get

The Gothic scene meets in Hildesheim – on the field of aviation begins on Friday the Moon M was. Visitors come from all corners of Germany and the world. Because many festival visitors arrive, they can get to traffic barriers. The federal road 494, which will drive many visitors to Lerchenkamp, ​​is particularly affected.

In any case, Hildesheim is prepared – and offers an all-round package:

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Multimedia dossier: M & # 39; was Luna

The start of the festival, photos and videos as well as a festival quiz. … blackberries

Even Google realizes that there is something that is happening in Hildesheim today.

The wait among the visitors is certainly already there:

Breakfast could be a bit more nutritious: