Which Daily of Touch does not deliver the most advertising revenue to my post? Discover the figures

Le Figaro has just published amounts for the ad revenue from daily, Do not touch my message! and C for you. And the holes are considerable.

Competitors in the field of hearings, TF1 and C8 are also in terms of advertising revenue. This is even more the case for the two-star shows of both channels, daily and Do not touch my message!, which have about the same target groups: the average age of viewers of both shows is actually 42 years old. These numbers also depend on the number of viewers in front of their screen when advertising screens are broadcast. The daily Le Figaro wanted to know more about the advertising revenues of the two shows and asked Publicis Media to investigate this issue. Result: according to Philippe Nouchi, director of the agency's media expertise, daily (TF1) would collect 190,000 euros net per issue and its competitor Do not touch my message! (C8) 145,000 euros. These results reflect a fairly large gap between the two programs, although it should be taken into account that there is one and a half minute advertising time during the program. Yann Barthès then during that of Cyril Hanouna.

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According to Philippe Nouchi, however, this turnover difference is also explained by the public gap on the famous targets. "The Hanouna issue is a bit weaker in the 25-49 age group"In addition, the increase in advertising revenue for both programs is significantly different since 2016. In two years time daily saw its advertising revenue rise by 90%, from 100,000 euros in 2016, when the program was launched on TMC, to 190,000 euros today. For his part, that of Do not touch my message! has grown by only 7% in the same period, from 135,000 euros in 2016 – while the issue of Cyril Hanouna has been installed in eighth place for four years – to 145,000 today.

Note that, for his part, C for you, for France 5, it generates only 15 000 euros per program, despite the million viewers that Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine had collected every night before the show.

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