Who is Gauguin Suns?

Gauguin Suns.
Gauguin Suns. Photo: frame youtube.com

Gauguin (real name Ilya) Suns Born in 1980 in the family of a teacher and assistant of the Greek embassy. According to a number of internet portals is the real name of Ilya Kravtsov. The pseudonym "Gauguin" Ilya Solntsev took it in his own words, because it was "the reincarnation of a French artist and sculptor" Paul Gauguin in this life. "And in what is a reincarnation, he believed after having a dream in which he painted a picture.

Gauguin himself claimed that his parents transported him to Finland as a child. After obtaining the maturity certificate, the young man graduated from the sales in the field of network marketing, after which he acted in cosmetics, theater tickets and also worked as a loader. In his own words, was busy sewing costumes for theaters.

According to reports, in 2008 he received a diploma from the management department of RATI-GITIS. Later he graduated from the Moscow Academy of Entrepreneurship under the government of Moscow


On television a young man appeared in the program "Up to 16 and over", "Matter of technology", "Cactus and companionship", "At this moment I will sing", "Krugol", etc. Solntsev also tried appear more and more often in different television programs that are accessible as, if not a participant, than a spectator. These were shows like "Dinner Party", "House-2", "Danger Zone", etc. In 2009 he appeared in one episode of the TV series "Detectives".

One of the most scandalously popular speeches was the appearance of Solntsev in the program "Minute of Glory", where he spoke to a group of grandmothers, represented as "Grandma Respect". The number was strongly criticized by the jury, both for the vocal data of the performer and for the entire contents of the performance.

Solntsev performs with a company called "Theater of Horrors with Gauguin Solntsev" in clubs, and then makes the ballet "Frick Cabaret". With his performances, however, he is not successful.

The delivery of the program is also known. Andrey Malakhov "Let them speak." There Solntsev shouted very emotionally: "Lawyer!" This fragment has become a popular meme. In 2011, Solntsev was appointed host of the Mystic Moscow program on the Moscow 24 channel. Suns often became the protagonist of scandalous stories. He arranged fights in a café with a waitress, with a lingerie shop vendor, on various TV shows sites, etc.

April 12, 2018 Gauguin married a 63-year-old pensioner Ekaterina Tereshkovich.

Who is Ekaterina Tereshkovich?

Ekaterina Lvovna Tereshkovich Born in Moscow in 1955. She is a philologist through education. Earlier Gauguin suggested that Catherine "has her own company, a country house and Swiss bank accounts with a large number of zeroes". However, in the program Dmitry Shepeleva "In fact," these data have been refuted. It turned out that she lives in a rented apartment. According to others, before a meeting with Gauguin, a woman played in the crowd for 500 rubles.

With Gogenn Tereshkovich met in a theater in Moscow. Interested in a young man, a woman came to him in the theater. Tereshkovich would have offered to sponsor the activities of his theater. Over time, their relationship grew from a partnership to a personal relationship.