Who is Gauguin Suns?

Who is Gauguin Suns?

Gauguin Suns.
Gauguin Suns. Photo: frame youtube.com

Gauguin (real name Ilya) Suns Born in 1980 in the family of a teacher and assistant of the Greek embassy. According to a number of internet portals is the real name of Ilya Kravtsov. The pseudonym "Gauguin" Ilya Solntsev took it in his own words, because it was "the reincarnation of a French artist and sculptor" Paul Gauguin in this life. "And in what is a reincarnation, he believed after having a dream in which he painted a picture.

Gauguin himself claimed that his parents transported him to Finland as a child. After obtaining the maturity certificate, the young man graduated from the sales in the field of network marketing, after which he acted in cosmetics, theater tickets and also worked as a loader. In his own words, was busy sewing costumes for theaters.

According to reports, in 2008 he received a diploma from the management department of RATI-GITIS. Later he graduated from the Moscow Academy of Entrepreneurship under the government of Moscow



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