Why & # 39; Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Fresh & # 39; is not just for Marvel Superfans, according to The Cast

Why & # 39; Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Fresh & # 39; is not just for Marvel Superfans, according to The Cast

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe there is an up-to-date Spider-Man: Peter Parker, the teenage version of Queens that you probably know best, played by Tom Holland. But he is about to have serious competition. In December, the animated function Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse will hit the theaters, the multiverse storyline that brings different iterations of the masked hero on the same plane. The trailers have given strip fans enough Easter eggs that refer to different Spideys and their arches to analyze, but what about the potential audience that is not so immersed in the source material? Backstage after the New York Comic-Con panel of the film, the cast and directors tell me that this film will not be new fans.

"I think this is the biggest challenge we have," says co-director Bob Persichetti, adding that it was an easier task to stack the film with references that were attractive to fans of long duration. "How do we get a general audience that wants to see something that looks and feels different than what they are used to?"

Visually, the film is designed to look like a comic book that comes to life. And although the 35-minute audience of the NYCC was able to look at children's feelings and adults, it is still a big task to become adults with just a fleeting knowledge to get excited about an animated superhero. The in, as far as the creative team is concerned, is Afro-Puerto Rican teen Miles Morales and his family. While many other Spideys – including Spider-Gwen from Hailee Steinfeld and the Spider-Ham from John Mulaney – appear, In The Spider-Verse is the story of the origin of one in particular. Watching how he picks up the mask is going to mean a lot, they expect, for those who see themselves in him.

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"The representation that this film is going to give will go much further than we think," he says Atlanta star Brian Tyree Henry, who plays Miles & # 39; s father Jefferson. "I am just very happy to be part of that, to be part of something that is so revolutionary, I dare to say." Henry also spoke about the panel about how happy he was to play a black father in a loving, devoted family, while at the same time wondering about the rarity of that kind of character.

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