Wound of Robert Whittaker, the roasts of the world play in Melbourne

In a moment, UFC 234 moved from a beastly pay-per-view pay-per-view card to an event that the UFC commentators of the world are having fun.

The Australian blockbuster was upset by hospitalization and the withdrawal of middleweight champion Robert Whittaker after undergoing an abdominal hernia on Sunday evening.

Whittaker was forced to abandon the title defense due to a severe abdominal lesion that requires urgent surgery. The average weight hoped that a large home crowd in Melbourne would help him keep the world title against former American bounty hunter Kelvin Gastelum in Sunday's Octagon.

However, plans for the first defense of Whittaker's official title were messed up late Saturday night, when the 29-year-old complained of abdominal pain before being diagnosed with a hernia in the hospital.

His retirement was made official on Sunday morning.

UFC TV commentator Megan Olivi reported Sunday that the Whittaker operation was successful and has an anticipated recovery forecast of four to eight weeks before it is able to resume its full-time training load .

The three-round medal match between the rise of the new Zealand Israel Adesanya (15-0) and the Brazilian legend Anderson Silva (34-8-1) will now serve as a main event at the Rod Laver Arena.

Elevated at the co-main is the light match-up between the action heroes of Albuquerque Lando Vannata and the impetuous Brazilian Marcos Mariano.

The famous UFC 234 card was sold in just eight minutes. Now he is the laughing stock of the UFC.

The fact that the main event will remain a three-round meeting between Silva and Adesanya has led some UFC critics to label the Melbourne Card "the worst in UFC history".

The complication of Whittaker's withdrawal turned out to be a double-edged sword, with the Battle of Adesanya-Silva weakened by the fact that the winner will now have to wait in line for Gastelum to get his shot at Whittaker before both assigned a title shot – as promised by Dana White during Friday's press conference, before Whittaker's hernia threw the entire division into chaos.

Gastelum and a host of other UFC fighters have been left devastated by Whittaker's emergency.

There were a couple of ironic offers to save the card from Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and Chael Sonnen.

It comes after UFC president Dana White broke up at a Friday press conference when he was asked if the card was heavy because the company found it difficult to find international fighters willing to come to Australia to compete.

"What did you say this card was? Heavy Top? Have you ever heard of Crute? Have you ever heard of Jimmy Crute?" White said.

"We have no problem getting (international fighters) here, when we fight in their hometown or in their home countries, we try to get as many people as we can.

"For most of these guys it's so difficult to get into the UFC and it's even harder to stay here, if you have the opportunity to fight in your home country, or in your city, we'll give it to you. to them.

"You're crazy, I flew from Las Vegas for this fight, I can not wait to fight."

White also faced headaches in the United States in view of the event after being unable to come to terms with a new agreement with DirecTV satellite television.

He was forced to sign a single contract to ensure that fans of the UFC who sign up for the service can watch the event.


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