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Royal Rumble 2019 is in the history books but the WWE pay per view left us with many questions.

After more than seven hours of compelling but exhausting action from Phoenix, Arizona, the journey on the way to WrestleMania began well and truly.

Becky Lynch was high in the women's Rumble contest while Seth Rollins triumphed in the lords, with both WWE champion Daniel Bryan and Universal Champ Brock Lesnar holding their respective titles.

But with so many other contests and so much action to get through, there was much more food for thought after WWE's first major pay-per-view of 2019.

While the dust settles now, Mirror Sport takes a look at five important questions from Royal Rumble …

WWE Raw ladies champion Ronda Rousey

Will Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch be main event Mania?

Granted, nothing is certain in WWE. But after winning the Rumble, it is certainly a fact that Becky Lynch wants to play against Ronda Rousey in Wrestlemania.

Their back and forth prior to their scheduled match at Survivor Series, later canceled because of Lynch's injury, was one of the most exciting things on TV and the prospect that the contest is now taking place on the biggest stage in the company is tempting.

With the self-proclaimed Women & # 39; s Evolution from WWE, which show fans the way, fans have been asking for years: when will the women go to the main event WrestleMania? I would say that there is no better time to plan that right now.

What does the future offer for Asuka?

With the Rumble winners triumphing and stealing so many heads, people may forget that Asuka was one of the biggest victories of the night.

She retained her Smackdown Women & # 39; s Championship by watching Lynch – and by letting her tap on the Asuka slot, no less. An incredible achievement and a huge & # 39; nod & # 39; for the woman herself after a reasonably mediocre year in WWE.

The point to consider is now: what now? With Lynch apparently destined for Rousey in Mania, who will challenge the Empress of tomorrow? It must be someone in the making to defeat a resurgent Asuka.

What does Seth Rollins decide?

If the choice of Becky Lynch to be faced with WrestleMania is obvious, the vocation of Seth Rollins, the men's winner of Rumble, seems less clear.

Because he is on Raw and has chased the Universal title, it seems like a good guess that he wants to challenge Brock Lesnar in New York. But the two have met before, meet each other in 2015, and is Rollins really built as the man who can defeat and overthrow The Beast?

Could it be that Rollins chooses to cross brands with his challenge and go after Daniel Bryan? By the way, will Bryan still be champion by the time WrestleMania comes around?

Anyway, Rollins has some thinking to do.

Sasha Banks dives into Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey: How did the first year disappear?

Ronda Rousey debuted to massive mainstream headlines during the Royal Rumble event twelve months ago.

She is now Raw Women & # 39; s Champion and has put together a beautiful oeuvre in the course of the year.

Her in-house work ethic is incredible and, for someone who had not been in a wrestling ring before he signed, the speed with which she picks things up is limitless.

For a legitimate martial artist, her ability to sell the offense of her opponents is something you really can not say enough about.

Where could she rank at the end of her WWE days? I would say one of the very best.

New SmackDown Tag Team Champions Shane McMahon and The Miz

Can Shane and Miz really last?

Shane McMahon and The Miz combined to win the Smackdown tag team championships on the Rumble.

It was a wonderfully chaotic race that provided the outcome that many expected, but what is the long-term future of this team? Shane is not going to make a full-time schedule on the road at this stage of his career, so who will turn and when?

It was nice to see this side of Miz's character. The eternal winding, slippery heel, it was a contrast to see him play the real joy of tagging with someone he apparently idolizes – that was to be seen in the celebrations on Sunday.

But – and far from me to cast aspersions about the integrity of the team so soon after the biggest win – if I was The Miz, I would enjoy the feel-good factor while it lasts …

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