WWE SmackDown results, summary, figures: Survivor Series co-captains, Becky Lynch shines again

If Monday Night Raw did very little to alleviate WWE in the transition from an outright horrific Crown Jewel card on Friday to the road to the Survivor series in less than two weeks, happy struggling fans can still count on Tuesday night for their misery to remedy.

SmackDown Live, the undisputed A-show since the superstar shake-up after WrestleMania in April, made WWE's controversial trip to Saudi Arabia somehow the distant past with two hours of sports entertainment that was nothing less than fresh, coherent and fascinating television. The challenge to assemble teams from the Survivor series in SmackDown's mission to beat Raw dominated the storylines in a way that never forced or wasted time. The most important thing was that the show allowed the in-ring product and gave the matches the real meaning, which strengthened the quality and intensity.

It remains astonishing how different – for all the wrong reasons – the two most important lattice shows are often. Yet the difference in quality and enjoyment from one to the other for a few band-delayed shows from the United Kingdom was amazing.

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Co-captains are going to lead the blue brand load

General manager Paige opened the show by 'best in the world & # 39; Shane McMahon to welcome a picture with his trophy for winning the World Cup tournament in Crown Jewel. The SmackDown commissioner revealed that he acted instinctively in Saudi Arabia and only did so to give his brand a head start when entering the Survivor series. The duo then ran into Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles, Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins against Shinsuke Nakamura and AOP vs. The Bar as matches that would match the traditional elimination tag team matches between brands on the payment of November 18 -perview card.

McMahon then named Daniel Bryan as captain of the SmackDown men's team. The Miz limped angrily and protested and claimed that his two victories in the World Cup would make him captain. McMahon agreed, and then called it both. Later backstage, McMahon broke up an argument between Miz and Bryan by saying, "I need a team to bring this home, a team with urgency, I want people to feel uncomfortable." What you do is to bring together the best, and I count on that. "McMahon gave them until the end of the night to choose their five-man team, and both captains convinced McMahon as their first choice because" no one is more at stake ".

Rey Mysterio def. Andrade Almas via pinfall: Bryan's choice for Mysterio was based on making an impression on Miz with his performance. He did exactly that in a match that felt nothing but special from the start. At 43, Mysterio remains at half its age with a series of highlights. After disabling Almas' double knees at two o'clock, Mysterio landed a 619 and a springboard for the win. Randy Orton came in to explain Mysterio with an RKO, probably as the beginning of a new feud. After denying Bryan's accusation that he had sent Orton to sabotage, The Miz admitted that Mysterio had been impressive enough to make the team.

Samoa Joe def. Jeff Hardy via submission: For the last spot in the SmackDown team, Bryan chose Hardy and Miz chose Joe, with both captains agreeing that the winner of the main event would get the nod. The unlikely friendship between Miz and Bryan soon began to unravel, as both chatted about comment while cheering for their respective choices. Miz accused Bryan of "not stopping at bar" since his return from his pension, and Bryan responded by saying that Miz is not a leader. The nice match came to an end when Hardy's swan bomb landed on Joe's knees before a Coquina link produced a quick tap. Afterwards Bryan fell in his face after Joe. Bryan applied his Yes Lock to Joe in the ring until Miz made him angry. McMahon came running from behind and Bryan hit him with a judo track. While the crowd encouraged him, Bryan stormed away angry to close the show.

The storyline of Bryan-Miz served as the backbone of the show and managed to make the process of choosing a team for the Survivor series important. Not only were the matches top for television, the interplay between captains turned out to be fascinating because they were initially surprised by their cohesion only to predictably inflate things. Consider this as a nice way to extend their overall story on the road to what would be a last blow at WrestleMania 35. Class A

Becky Lynch replies with an epic promo

The SmackDown ladies' champion began her reaction to Ronda Rousey's "meanest bitch on the planet" since last night and said, "Who are you on earth to say something to the champion?" Lynch said that Rousey was not a real champion because she has not been tested yet. "Winning is so easy for you that when you & # 39; The Man & # 39; finally come across at Survivor Series, your titanium body is overcome by your weak mind." Lynch, who is himself & # 39; the most ruthless person you've ever met & # 39; mentioned, it was unjust that Rousey mocked her journey to come here before she closed her own mic-drop moment. "I do not care if you're the worst bitch on the planet, 'cause I'm going to make you mine,' Lynch decided.

Lynch's swagger and delivery have somehow only got better in the months since her first helping at SummerSlam. It would not be an exaggeration to suggest that Lynch is not only the best thing that is going on in WWE, but probably most about a woman in this age. She is just a natural person with this stubborn heel character and has significantly increased her promo game. This whole "I am the man" shtick, something that had failed miserably in various hands, has been intoxicatingly wonderful. Quality: A +

What else happened on SmackDown?

  • The Usos def. The new day via pinfall: With the captainship on the game for SmackDown & # 39; s Tag Teams from the Survivor Series and The Bar backstage on a monitor, it looked like a pay-per-view match. Big spots and dramatic near falls quickly became the norm in one of the better free TV matches of this calendar year. The finish came when Jimmy Uso Kofi Kingston turned into a powerbomb of the second rope. He then immediately came back with a splash of the opposite top rope for the 1-2-3. After the game, The Usos named The New Day as their first choice for the team and both teams shook hands and embraced each other.
  • Becky Lynch def. Nikki Cross via submission: The open challenge of the champion for the locker room was met by Cross, who made her SmackDown debut by reuniting with Sanity and demonstrating her rabid character. "I'll play with you Becky," Cross said. "Let's play Becky! You want to play? Play with Nikki! Let's play!" The match that followed was not only entertaining, but also brought Cross as a legitimate title candidate on the main list. Cross, who locked Lynch in the ring apron creatively before she hit her and scored a handful of almost falling traps, finally collapsed for the Dis-Arm-Her in a fantastic match.
  • Paige names the SmackDown ladies team: The general manager of the blue brand immediately cut the chase and announced Carmella, Naomi, Sonya Deville, Asuka and Charlotte Flair as the five-woman team. Flair never came out after her music played, a week after she rejected Paige's request for captain. Instead, Mandy Rose, who wanted to know why tag-team partner Deville had been selected for her. Rose went roasting the other members of the team one by one until an insult in connection with Naomi's husband Jimmy Uso caused Naomi to attack. Deville broke it and kept Rose back to her departure. Although the absence of Flair remained surprisingly unresolved, Rose was strong as an annoying heel.