"Yellow Vests": 1,200 Protestants gathered in Bourges

Approximately 1,200 demonstrators "yellow vests", according to the prefecture, began gathering in quiet Saturday in Bourges, placed under the stroke of a prefect decree forbids any meeting in the historic center, noted an AFP journalist.

This call to protest in the "center of France" is one of the novelties of act 9 of "yellow cardigans".

On the sidelines of the demonstration fifteen people were arrested preventively, according to the prefecture.

Five of them were arrested in the early hours of the morning, in a car where the police found metal balls that probably served as projectiles. They were placed in prison, according to Bourges public prosecutor Joel Garrigue.

The demonstrators began converting at 9:00 am to the Séraucourt square, a large space near the center, where they could gather, install a fire pot, distribute coffee and brioche to newcomers.

Notebooks with grievances have also been made available.

According to the prefect Catherine Fourrier, the demonstrators had to circulate peacefully on the boulevards, around the center. The departure of the procession was scheduled around 13-14H00.

"Although Macron's toothless croissants", "Macron purifies", "France gets angry", we can read on signs and placards worn by protesters dressed in fluorescent yellow coats.

The number of protesters that came by bus for some was the big unknown of the day. According to police sources, the number of expected demonstrators varied between 2,000 and 3,000 people.

During the first collective demonstrations of the movement, 450 people had gathered in Bourges and no incident had taken place.

As a precautionary measure, the town hall ordered all parking meters to be disassembled and all construction equipment had to be removed that could be used as projectiles. Banks have been asked to close, as well as museums and public gardens.

The first Saturday of the sale encouraged traders to stay open, full of confidence in the prefecture decree that forbids the city center in yellow vests.

According to unofficial sources, 2,500 members of the security forces are classified in the Cher prefecture.