"Yellow Vests": 4000 demonstrators and violence in Bordeaux

For example, 4,000 yellow cardigans marched according to the Saturday prefecture in the center of Bordeaux for act 10 of their movement which, like the previous one, ended by violent clashes with the police and 49 interpellations.

According to figures from the prefecture, the "yellow vests" failed to mobilize as much as possible as the record number of 6,000 people last Saturday, but the crowds that marched in the center of the city show that the capital of Girond remains the same. one of the strongholds of the movement.

With the usual shouts of "Macron resignation", the procession borrowed the shopping streets in peace, but the situation quickly degenerated around the place Pey Berland, near the cathedral and the town hall, where the former clashes with the forces of the order started before it was dark.

AFP journalists have seen very young men, helmeted, masked, in camouflage, very organized, use punches and hammers to unearth, break and transport paving stones, taking turns to bring them to the police. who used tear gas and water cannons.

Other demonstrators have set up barricades with trash cans or pallets where they often fire. At least five cars were burned in the city center, a group of masked youngsters managed to push to a makeshift barricade after breaking the window on the driver's side with a hammer.

The police, supported by two armored vehicles and a water launch car, carried out 49 arrests, according to the prefecture which indicated at 7:30 pm that the voltage points had been resorbed and that the last dispersions had been carried out.

– 1,500 people in Bergerac –

The nine previous events in Bordeaux were all closed with violent clashes with the police at Pey Berland Square, close to the commercial heart of the city, where all stores remain open.

On January 12, a firefighter with three children, who was demonstrating, was seriously injured by a defensive bullets defender (LBD) in his head, according to his wife. He spent a few days in a coma.

The agglomeration, which has experienced a rapid and rapid population explosion in recent years, has seen its real estate prices rise, driving the middle class in the suburbs, often still not respected, creating a strong popular dissatisfaction that contributes to fuel anger of "yellow cardigans".

The Gironde, the largest department in metropolitan France, offers a strong contrast between its capital and its rural areas without facilities.

Elsewhere in New Aquitaine, a demonstration was held for the first time in Saint-Jean-de-Luz Saturday, gathering from 900 (according to the police) to 1,100 people (according to the organizers) who marched in the silence.

Also in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques a parade took place that brings CGT and other "yellow vests" together in Bayonne. During the week there were disagreements between local groups of "yellow vests" about this association with a trade union.

In the Dordogne, the coordination of "yellow vests" organized for the first time a single event in the Bergerac department, where, according to an AFP correspondent, some 1,500 people have traveled the city in peace.

In La Rochelle, where violence broke out last week, about a thousand "yellow vests" marched, according to a police source.