"Yellow Vests": "the debate, yes, everything, no", says Lecornu

The minister, in charge of the local authorities, drew on Thursday the "unworthy things" expressed by some who claimed "yellow vests": "the debate, yes, everything, it is not," launched Sébastien Lecornu, traveling in the Hautes-Alpes.

"We stop lies, insults, threats … with those who act like criminals," said Mr Lecornu on the sidelines of a visit to this department together with the Minister of Education Jean-Jean Michel Blanquer at the association meeting and local elected representatives.

In the light of the big national debate that stems from the crisis with the "yellow vests", "our job, ministers, is to speak with the immensity of our fellow citizens who are reasonable people and want to help the country" and that " who do not want to talk, "he told the press.

"We must make a distinction between our fellow citizens, with or without a yellow vest who want to discuss this country, their daily lives, taxes, purchasing power" and those who speak "unworthy things", such as those on even before him by a woman, claiming that the state would "bring foreign gendarmes to gasify and kill French citizens".

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