Yosef Kobzon spoke about Yudashkin's oncology

Yosef Kobzon spoke about Yudashkin's oncology

Iosif Kobzon commented on the information about the oncological illness of designer Valentin Yudashkin. The singer believes that the stylist did not have time to turn to the specialists and lost an important period in the treatment, reports Sobesednik.

In an interview, Kobzon talked about his illness, and also responded to press releases about the deterioration of Yudashkin's health. Joseph Davydovich said that the Russian designer is trying to carefully hide the development of cancer. According to him, the designer has a common form of metastasis.

Joseph Kobzon and Valentin Yudashkin
Joseph Kobzon and Valentin Yudashkin

"Yes, it seems that everything is fine with him, but in reality he is sick", observed the artist.

Yudashkin himself does not talk about his health. The designer does not react to the rumors about oncology, but in public it rarely appears less often.

Joseph Davydovich talked about his treatment in the cancer center. For 13 years he fought a terrible disease. The actor underwent repeated medical treatment in Russia and performed operations in foreign clinics, but it was not possible to completely stop the development of cancer.

Recall that in July many fans said they were worried about the painful thinness of Yudashkin and compared it to the "skeleton".


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