"ZDF Television Garden" missed today ?: Kiwis see the journey over time of the 90s as a repetition

"ZDF Television Garden" missed today ?: Kiwis see the journey over time of the 90s as a repetition

Andrea Kiewel embarks on a journey through time with his guests in the "ZDF TV Garden" on 12.08.2018.
Image: ZDF / Marcus Höhn

It's been two weeks that Andrea Kiewel in the ZDF television garden with a flash of the nipple for a small scandal caused, And also The Fireheart boys were heating up without a seat before they appeared in the last few weeks, The latest edition of the entertainment show could continue this Sunday? The distinguished guests had invited "Kiwi" after all and waited with an absolute party cracker.

"ZDF television garden" is missing? Andrea Kiewel as an online repetition through the ZDF multimedia library

They already had something else on Sunday and could notZDFNo problem, but unfortunately you are looking in vain for a repeat on TV, but it is worth giving a look ZDF media libraryThere you will find numerous broadcasts of your TV show as a free video on demand that you can watch again at any time and whenever you want.

TV preview "ZDF TV Garden": these are the guests and the motto of Andrea Kiewel of 12.08.2018

Andrea Kiewel dare in the last issue of "ZDF TV garden"A small journey in time, which brings viewers back to the 90s, to save the sense of the decade," Kiwi "and ZDF do not avoid expenses and efforts, so the presenter welcomes real musical legends of the" world ". was on the stage Who else does not know them: Dr. Alban, Rednex, Snap !, Masterboy Beatrix Delgado or East 17, Oli.P and Jenny Berggren of Ace of Base, who celebrates the mood of the party with more guests and points salienti other moderators seventy of the years & # 90; and a group of young people who blow up a bubble gum to try out on 12.08.2018 in the "ZDF TV Garden" from the Mainz transmission center.