17 advantage of eating dairy. The most prominent prevention of cancer and weight loss

Dairy products are an integrated health food, because it is easily digestible and soft in the stomach, in addition to its delicious taste, and is available on the market in various forms.

Nutritionist Said Metwalli gave the benefits of dairy products that are considered the best food because:

– Quiet nerves

– Insomnia in the night because it is rich in tryptophan.

– Yogurt is rich in beneficial bacteria and strengthens the immune system in the human body.

– Maintains the digestive system and facilitates the digestion process.

– Reduce gas, diarrhea, constipation and indigestion.

– Discharge throat from bacteria that cause bad breath.

– reduce the import of toxins in the liver and contribute to the treatment of intestinal poisoning and inflammation.

– Used in the treatment of diarrhea associated with the treatment of antibiotics.

– Reduce the incidence of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

– Prevent osteoporosis on the availability of calcium and vitamin D increases bone density and strength, and the presence of calcium and tryptophan together, calms nerves and helps to sleep deeply.

– Works as an antibiotic and disinfectant for intestines.

– Reduce vaginal infections in women because it adjusts the pH of the vagina and eliminates fungi.

– A rich source of protein that is important for building the body and muscles, providing a cup of it is filled daily with 20% of the daily requirement for protein.

– Helps with weight loss It speeds up the digestion process and gives a feeling of fullness and burns fat and strengthens the muscles.

– A diuretic and difficulty in getting gravel in the kidneys and bladder.

– Helps reduce the incidence of colon cancer and contains anti-cancer materials and tumor resistance

– Protects the body against dehydration and compensates the body with moisture and minerals in the summer and high temperatures.

Metwally indicated that he prefers to eat before going to bed and then wash his mouth and not mix it with anything else and must be well cooked to prevent bacterial infections and bacteria.