2CV roses in Grau-du-Roi to fight against breast cancer

After spending 15 days on the French roads, the four female drivers of the 2CV roses arrived in Grau-du-Roi on Saturday September 22nd. About twenty custard deuces followed them a few kilometers before this third edition of the Deuch & # 39; s Rally.

After their cars were parked on the beach on the left bank, these women joined the stands set up by local associations to fight against breast cancer, but also against other female cancers such as ovarian or cervical cancer.

Annie Delamare is chairman of the Nîmoise association Les Deuch & # 39; s. His goal in the seven phases of his 1,500-kilometer journey was to raise awareness of the importance of screening for these cancers: "You have to have tests every two years, it can save lives, do not be afraid to go there". That explains them to those who they meet around the stands because only one in two women is regularly screened in France.