7 Casualty spoilers: Duffy faces a dementia test and Alicia fights to save baby

(Picture: BBC)

News of Charlie and Duffy's split gets out and soon becomes the talk of the department in Casualty. Meanwhile Duffy is like trying to find out if she has dementia, as she fears. Will she get the bottom of what's been causing her symptoms?

Alicia tries a procedure she's never done before to save her baby Marty gets himself in trouble when he tries to cope on his own. Here are the spoilers to watch out for.

Alicia's skills are put to the test (Picture: BBC)

1. Ethan and Alicia are getting along well, but when Alicia has been trying to save a baby, she looks to Ethan for support. Will his reaction be what she's hoping for?

2. Marty finds himself in a difficult position when he was expecting. He soon finds himself in hot water, but can he turn the situation around and prove he's a good nurse after all?

Duffy under pressure (Picture: BBC)

3. Duffy gets some news about her health and arranges Terrified of what the result might be, she's still trying to deal with everything on her own. As a result, her work is suffering and she is not her usual.

4. A young man arrives at the department with a head injury and is fairly soon his mother is at loggerheads with practically the entire department. Can Rash and Marty get to the bottom of what's going on?

5. Even though it has been weeks since Iain tried to kiss Ruby, it is obviously still playing on his mind.

Can Alicia rely on Ethan? (Picture: BBC)

6. There is a situation in the ED when a patient believes that she will not be able to get treatment because of her immigration status. Can the staff convince her to stay and get the help she needs?

7. Gossip about Charlie and Duffy's situation is beginning to spread among their colleagues. Does Robyn try to be supportive, but will she help?

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